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Motorcycle serious fever causes crash how to do?
Release date:2019.11.01

Inspection motorcycle

Whether there is oil in the engine, whether the oil supply in the carburetor tubing is normal, whether there is no soil in the engine heat sink, there is no barrier! Engine temperature is higher, generally about 95℃ or more after the crash, whether the engine has lubricating oil, the engine has no overload situation!


Reasonable analysis

(for example) if only the temperature is high, other normal, can directly exclude the oil supply lubrication circuit cooling system!


When jose did not reach the next stroke during the intake, the intake valve was closed. During this process, the engine's operating load increased, so that it could be compressed. During the combustion, it was in a vacuum state.

Lubricating oil flow heat dissipation, take away all the heat, resulting in the entire engine overheating, when the temperature reached 85 degrees above, the piston running X-axis direction, began to leak air, in addition to the excessive operating load, the engine will gradually like no oil as out!



To sum up the problems encountered in the above examples, according to the theory, it should be caused by large valve interval and short valve lift. We only need to adjust the valve interval!

Open the valve cover and adjust the valve screw to an iron expansion gap. After valve debugging, it is suggested to adjust the mixing ratio under debugging. It is suggested to find professional personnel to adjust the mixing ratio. Personal adjustment is more troublesome.