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What are you most afraid of on the road?
Release date:2019.11.14

1, caught speeding

As long as often go out to ride a motorcycle, now know that in many parts of the road can only on cars, motorcycles are not allowed to run, such as some big city urban area, most of the highway are forbidden, but in some suburbs, monitoring equipment, some racing wang began to arrogance, on a flat road, some motorcycle speed even up to 120 km/h, this is the maximum speed limit on highway, is very dangerous and terror.


2. Can't find a gas station to fill up

Motorcycle is not dangerous goods, but don't like to motorcycle fuel in many parts of the gas station, may be the oil is too little, motorcycle every time add store large QiKe, or for other reasons, usually give you an oil pot, alone in a designated place to add, and may have to show your identification card or other proof, think it was a little irritating, but you also have no a way, if there is no oil on the road, you can only own suffering, so out of the door should be planning the journey and the relationship between the fuel tank capacity, check the map and know where is the gas station for motorcycles and friendly.

3. Scratched cars are falsely represented

Cycling in the field, must be careful, don't meet with the locals of a chicken, scratched the somebody else's car, or even to rub children, older people, happen, also make the motorcyclist psychological very afraid, after all, this kind of scenario, what each other tend not to speak with you, spend some money to eliminate the evil things, and they were afraid the other lion big openings, even can't let you back home.


4. Breaking into animals

If you're riding a bike, if there's a dog or a car out of the way, or if there's a big hole or a big rock in the road at night or something, be sure to pull yourself together and slow down at some intersections or lanes.