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What safety factors are overlooked when riding a motorcycle?
Release date:2019.12.23

Helmet shield

A dark or tan mask is not undesirable, but can cause trouble in culverts or on cloudy/dark days.

Of course, it is also possible to have several different masks (including transparent colors) on board.

Helmet life

No matter what brand of helmet, the average life of the helmet is five years, of course, the impact of an accident will shorten its life.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace the helmet every five years.

Tire pressure detection

Tire pressure is too high or too low are not desirable, oil is a small matter, and friction is an important cause of the accident.

It is recommended to strictly follow the tire pressure standards specified in the user's manual. In addition, the tire aging cracks also can not be ignored.

Fixed number of year of the tire

Motorcycle tires with each ride will appear different degrees of wear, often visual inspection and check the wear status of tires is necessary.

Especially the tire wall part or often run Off-Road is particularly important.

Rear view mirror

Unless a professional racing car does not require a rearview mirror, you must use the mirror to keep an eye on your surroundings on the road.

You can take such measures as avoiding danger/slowing down, and you can choose the "escape route" at the critical moment!

The brake fluid

That is, brake oil, many people often check the scale of the oil or regular replacement, which do not know the brake fluid is also a fixed number of years, it is also very important for the safety of the motorcycle!

Cycling equipment/protective gear

Better cycling equipment is expensive, but the lack of it poses a serious threat to safe cycling.

Wear and tear from the crash must be replaced immediately.

Handle (clutch/front brake)

Keep clutch and front brake handle flexible and convenient at all times.

Adjust to the gap that suits you best. Emergency situations on the road happen all the time. How to deal with the dangerous situation in the shortest time will save your life.

Tightness of chain

Chain is an important part of the transmission, every 800-1000 kilometers to check its tightness and timely adjustment is completely necessary.

In addition, the wear degree of chain gear should also be paid attention to.

Stay focused

Motorcycle is characterized by small size, fast speed, compared to other vehicles are not easy to be found, so, emergency to keep enough vigilance and observation, is to avoid any accident reliable premise.

Any moment of neglect or carelessness will result in an irreparable deficiency.


Preparation for motorcycle riding

Choose a car

Try to choose a joint venture car, do not choose a domestic car because the quality is not stable, the door to ride a domestic car can. A long journey or a reliable ride. The quality of imported cars is good, but it is not easy to find the expensive parts.

After buying a car to refit, add a pair of side boxes, pack usually do not use things, such as car repair tools, oil, boots, raincoat, do not need the tail box, buy a cross bag, pack everyday common things, such as wear clothes, washing tools, when staying in the store to carry the cross bag to the house convenient. Remember the horn to refit, I use the match song baked cake horn, very loud. There are also xenon or LED lights that need to be modified for headlights, and also for daytime driving, so the other car can pay more attention to you.

Riding safety, helmet at least 300 yuan, fiberglass or carbon fiber, do not wear glasses do not smoke with the helmet. Wear glasses and smoke with a helmet. Protective equipment to be complete, gloves with leather gloves, safety. Remember to buy riding vest, orange is safer, prepare a set with led light vest, riding safe at night. Of course, it is recommended not to ride in the dark. The mortality rate is very good.

Mobile phone navigation, usually do not use, passing through the city to use, not on the handle rack on the handlebars, but put the mobile phone into the pocket, plug in the earphones to listen to the voice navigation, riding a motorcycle can not see the mobile phone screen.

Planning route

For a long-distance motorcycle trip, it is essential to have a well-written road book, as detailed as possible. According to the overall travel demand, calculate the daily cycling time, as well as the distance of the cycling route, and strictly follow this implementation.

Don't assume that if you book a three-course restaurant and hotel in advance, everything will be fine. Don't neglect to mark the gas stations on your route. Especially in the no-man's land or remote mountainous areas, the number of gas stations is very small, so we should consider which point to fill up the gas to drive safely, and plan and understand the distribution of gas stations in the journey.

Small equipment

Cruise at a fixed speed: relieve wrist discomfort, joint pain and other pressure caused by driving for a long time.

Windshield: reduces eye irritation and fatigue caused by high winds.

GPS navigation: helps riders see where they are in real time, preventing them from stopping to scroll through a map.

Bluetooth device: it can realize real-time communication between riders, and it can also turn on the music device to listen to songs and cheer up spirits when you feel sleepy.

Baggage line: quality must be solid, preferably made of genuine leather. No one wants to experience the despair of having your luggage strewn behind you at 120KM/H.

Electric heating handle: cold is the biggest natural enemy of cycling. Once you feel cold during cycling, your thinking will be scattered. Therefore, if you are cold-averse or the temperature in the cycling area is low, you can consider adding electric heating handle device.

S mobile power supply, electronic equipment, we appear to carry a lot of electronic devices are power consumption, such as some drives to suggest a modified some cigarette lighter, recharge equipment, but because of too many electronic devices, or charging port fails, then the mobile power can also play some important role, there is also a can be used as the starting power of mobile power, is equipped with a, one thousand a loss of electric vehicle is not on fire, may I have an emergency.