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Carburetor motorcycle's oil inlet hole is a little wider, is not the speed will increase some?
Release date:2020.02.18

Motorcycle carburetor is a simple mechanical oil supply device, but it also has some subtle parts within the standard, if change the parts of the standard, so will affect the current performance of the vehicle, including raising speed performance, but the operation requires based on the current vehicle state of combustion, was able to make proper adjustment, otherwise will backfire.

The interior of the carburetor is mainly composed of idle metering hole and main metering hole, in which the idle metering hole provides the fuel demand when the vehicle is idle, while the main metering hole mainly provides the fuel supply during the acceleration process of the vehicle. The aperture of these two metering holes depends on the model of the current carburetor.

However, in actual use, the size of the main bore can be adjusted according to the use requirements. However, the adjustment here is not as simple as drilling the main bore large, and it needs to be adjusted appropriately according to the combustion state of the vehicle and the use environment.


To high altitude areas in order to overcome the high anti, for example, we can appropriate amount of the main hole in a little bit small, so after operation for input will decrease slightly, then the concentration of the mixture will become a bit thin, the benefits of this operation is that can effectively change the current vehicle state of combustion, the vehicle acceleration will be more powerful.

In the plain area, if you want to improve the performance of vehicle acceleration, you can appropriately change the main flow hole to a larger one, so that the engine oil supply will be slightly increased, so the vehicle's speed and acceleration ability will certainly be improved under the premise of no insufficient combustion.

However, when doing this, it is important to choose the right type of main metering hole according to the value of the carburetor's current main metering hole. It is not possible to increase the main metering hole arbitrarily by brute force, because you cannot ensure the size of the main metering hole.

If the main hole drilling too large will only backfire, it is impossible to improve the performance of vehicle acceleration, but will let the engine power serious decline.

Therefore, as ordinary users suggest not to try, only with the help of technicians can such operations, after all, the technician's experience is more rich for how much the main hole he will be more sure.