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How often do you change the oil?
Release date:2020.04.13

First of all, we can be divided into two parts to discuss, one is just bought a new car, is still in the running in period, how often we should change the oil, the other is has passed the running in period how often to change the oil!

The running-in period

Motorcycle and car oil is roughly the same, are divided into mineral oil, or synthetic oil. No matter what kind of oil? The final purpose is to ensure the lubrication of the engine, and play the role of heat dissipation, so the oil is the same as the engine's blood, to pay attention to its quality. To still be in the car of running-in period, the proposal still should come according to the standard, the detail can consult his motorcycle specification.

At present, the relatively recognized standard of motorcycle oil change is in the new car before 1000 km running in the period of standard is 300, 600, 1000 km incremental replacement

When the new car changes oil for the first time at the same time had better clean the oil filter, because at this time the motorcycle wears down the iron scrap is more


Outside the period

Run-in period generally to 1000-1500 km almost out of the run-in period, out of the run-in period in accordance with the normal driving conditions for the oil cycle is every 2000 km to change, but the performance of each car is not the same, two flushs is gasoline and oil mixed combustion. Four strokes are lubricated and do not participate in combustion. A typical motorcycle should have a four - punch.

If engine oil is burned, it is recommended to go to the repair shop immediately to check the cylinder block, piston, piston ring, valve and oil seal. Engine oil is very dangerous, easy to burst, if the cylinder burst, your engine is almost scrapped more than half, be sure to check.

A special case

The performance of each car is not the same, the driving environment is not the same, different circumstances under the frequency of oil change is not the same!

1, the car running environment is better, do not need to climb regularly. The driving road is relatively smooth, not much weight, not frequent gear change to start and stop, the rider's driving operation specification (not often under the throttle) can be replaced according to the normal cycle or a little longer cycle replacement.

2, the vehicle driving environment is bad, often need to climb the slope, the road is more rugged, or frequent short-distance start, load belt driving, so it belongs to the range of bad working conditions, you need to change the oil in advance, of course, the oil change point is certainly good for the vehicle!

3, oil in the high temperature of the viscosity of a large change, generally considered that 100℃ kinematic viscosity value deviation more than 20%, must be replaced!

Reason for oil change

The main reason we change the oil every time we drive a certain distance is that:

1, the oil of the clean dispersion performance, can not dissolve the dispersion of the engine work process produced by the carbon!

2, the oil is acidic, including a lot of acid oxide, easy to corrode parts!

3. The oil contains metal particles, which aggravate the wear of the machine parts in operation (the filtering effect of the filter structure is not thorough enough)!

4, the oil flash point is reduced, affecting the safety. This is because frequent cold starts may cause gasoline to be strung through the cylinder ring gap into the crankcase. According to the national standard, the flash point value of gasoline oil should not be lower than 210℃!

We give our car maintenance, not only for a good driving experience, more not for their own safety, care about the car, more care about themselves