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How to deal with the sudden brake failure of the motorcycle?
Release date:2020.04.13

Possible accidents:

1. The motorcycle body shakes violently in the process of driving

You drive a motorcycle at high speed, if the front of the car began to shake violently when must not grasp the handlebar in an attempt to stop the swing, also cannot use the brake, the brake will make the swing intensified. What you need to do is to clamp the body tightly with your legs, but not with your upper limbs. Gently control the handlebars and slowly release the throttle to slow the car down and slowly adjust to the rhythm of the car until you stop.

2, too fast speed into the corner

Into tight bending after found than imagination, the speed is faster than imagined, hard to do, just eyes began to stare at the roadside tree, stone to wait for you don't want to hit thing look "slow in fast out" is the safest way to run the mountain, and the circuit is different, you can't remember the road each corner, you can't know the specific situation of the each corner, you can't predict the corners on whether to car, at this time, slowly into the gave you watch, the opportunity to get to know the corner; Keep going into the corner until you can see that the exit is safe. It's safe not to rush into a corner, and it's faster than you can go into a corner, brake (if you have a chance), and get out of the corner.

3. The accelerator cannot be turned when the motorcycle is running

Motorcycle in the running, if the throttle can not turn, the knight should immediately grasp the clutch bar to cut off the power output, brake deceleration, pull over, can not be forced to break


4.Make a sudden left turn towards the car

Ride a motorcycle must be self education "sixth sense", always put yourself in the car's point of view to consider problems, learn to predict the next step in anticipation vehicle, most of the large displacement motorcycle knight will drive, this should not be hard once a collision is doomed to happen, you are the best way to improve the survival rate is slowing down as far as possible. Pinching the front and rear brakes, a 20 KPH crash and a 40 KPH crash could be the difference between a minor scratch and an ambulance ride.

5. Sudden braking failure during driving

Brake failure, you can reduce the gear deceleration, driving once the brake failure, to quickly close the throttle, but at this time must not hang neutral! Should gradually reduce the gear, make full use of the engine's traction to slow down, until to 1 gear, the speed is very slow to return to neutral taxi until stop.

6.The car opens the door and hits

This is almost impossible to avoid, and what you can do is to be more careful when the traffic stops completely. Never get into a car in the gap between the driveway and the driveway. This is the most dangerous thing you can do.

7. Vehicle sideslip suddenly in the process of driving

In the process of driving, the vehicle will produce sideslip when braking on the wet road, which is easy to fall if not handled well. When you feel that the tire has skidded, you should quickly reduce the throttle and gently turn the handlebar to the sideslip direction. Your upper body should also move to the sideslip direction, and your feet should drop in the opposite direction of sideslip and slide on the ground to maintain the balance of the vehicle.

8. A flat tire occurred during driving

Although most motorcycles now use vacuum tires, they will only slowly or quickly deflate under high pressure, scratch and damage, and very rarely "bang!" The explosion. But still have a few off-road model or old model car to still use the tire that takes inner liner, the likelihood can produce flat tire phenomenon, the driver can detect tire deficit in the ride, if front wheel deficit air, handleknob can feel very heavy, if burst suddenly, handleknob can have very apparent shake. Rear wheel flat tire, motorcycle back swing sharply, drenched by the road tire explosion, to intensify hand car body to relax, not to compete and jitter car, in the case of a partial fast slow accelerator and dropping gear (not sharp deceleration), can use no one side of the flat tire appropriate braking speed down (knead brake before the back tyre kui, front tyres kui gas step on the brake), planing to slow to stop.

9. Vehicle on fire

Once the motorcycle is on fire, the driver should quickly park the car in a safe area, and then the word "flash!" And set up warning signs nearby, do not accidentally hurt other traffic participants, the way is very simple, to use a dry powder fire extinguisher or sand. Do not suggest that the knight just want to save the car, because the fire is rapid, the body of paint and glue, leather are flammable, in ten minutes can burn a motorcycle into an empty frame, even if half way out, I'm afraid there is only a frame and engine, or their own and others' safety is the most important.

First aid procedures in case of a motorcycle accident

(1) knocking down pedestrians or other non-mobile road users - the police must be called immediately.

(2) someone is injured in a collision with another vehicle -- the police must be called immediately.

(3) a collision with another vehicle, but no one was injured -- a 24-hour police report is required

(4) purely from their own car, suffered minor injuries but did not involve others (just rub some skin, rest to see their own body has any other changes, if not, the car can continue to drive, you can go to the hospital for a check)

Principles of post-accident response

1, according to the facts, but never to anyone to admit responsibility, also do not pass the buck. Should be handled by traffic police or insurance company, make responsibility affirming by the 3rd party.

2. Hit a pedestrian or other non-mobile road user -- call the police immediately and offer to accompany the injured person to the hospital for a check-up. Do not offer or accept possible compensation.

3. When you file a police report, be sure to state only the facts. Don't say what you think will happen, how you feel at the moment, or any other point that will get the insurance company off the hook.

4. Don't assume you're not hurt

Many cases are all right now, and it was not until a few hours or days later found his injury. Even just hit it, after the accident you have nothing to feel completely normal body completely, but after a while you will begin to feel cervical pain or other pain. So, in order to prevent one thousand, one of the best hypothesis is that you might be injured, and let the medical staff to check for you.

5. In case of minor collision with other vehicles, both parties shall keep the other party's data even if they are willing to make compensation and settlement in private.