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These kinds of behaviors are the most damaging to a new motorcycle. Have you ever done them?
Release date:2020.04.21

1. Drag racing during run-in period:

Newly bought car, believe everybody is very excited, but also want to be restrained. New motorcycle in the running-in period to strictly control the engine speed is not more than 3500r/min, start and shift do not violently refueling door, which will lead to mechanical damage and chain stretching!


2, change the oil, do not change the air filter!

Air filter for motorcycle engine is very important, there are impurities in the gasoline filter and imitation of fine dust in the air into, we also know, if the engine into the dust is very troublesome, need to clean up in time!

3. It never gets hot when it starts

So far, the need for hot cars still exists. The purpose of the hot car is to stabilize the engine and reduce wear and tear. Many people never hot car, car on the go, on the road on the high turn, in fact, is a sudden increase in engine load, accelerated wear and tear, the impact of the impact will not be immediately obvious, but over time there will be obvious damage. Suggestion: warm up the car two minutes before each ride, idle or walk slowly, should not be too long.

4. In a semi-clutch state for a long time

When riding, for a long time in the state of half clutch, this thought that this can keep control of the vehicle, see how good the throttle clutch with brother? But this practice is very damaging to the clutch!

5. Speed through the speed bumps at full speed

When passing the speed bump again good car will also suffer a point of impact and injury, although can not see, but shock absorption, springs, and tires these are wearing parts, temporarily can not see but the rhythm of the car is a bar drop, deceleration over the gully, speed bump can not only improve 70 percent of the comfort, better for the car.

6, keen to change the light, exhaust

Many people said that the original factory light is too dark to meet the demand, so they chose to modify xenon headlights or LED headlights, these devices are generally equipped with a stabilizer and a separate voltage regulator, and the power is not low, for the vehicle's circuit system caused a great burden. In the inducement of car spontaneous combustion accident, the accident that the circuit is overheated or short circuit causes accounted for more than 70 percent, plus domestic refit lamps and lanterns are mostly inferior in quality, so abruptly change the light is like adding a time bomb to your car.