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Motorcycle fuel consumption increase reason: tire wear degree is serious
Release date:2020.04.26

Motorcycle in the actual process of driving, often encounter a variety of fuel consumption increase, especially in the motorcycle used for a long time, its fuel consumption will increase significantly, and the power of the engine will gradually drop.

Generally speaking, in the case of normal driving, the fuel consumption of the motorcycle is usually in the range of vehicle technical standards, and due to the change of road driving conditions, if a slight error is normal.

However, if fuel consumption increases significantly, it may be due to routine maintenance or adjustment errors, as well as vehicle parts failure. So when the vehicle appears to consume too much fuel, we can through a series of methods, to find the motorcycle fault.

Scooter is usually greater than 3L/100km, straddle bike greater than 2L/100km, can be regarded as fuel consumption is too big, of course I said here is a common commuter car, do not care with me about the row, row of motorcycle fuel consumption than the same displacement of cars are mostly very normal.


There are many reasons affecting fuel consumption, we will discuss in this period of time, today we will discuss the most simple factors, as long as all car friends know, they can carry out their own inspection, may be this is usually relatively ignored.

In the normal driving process, we found that the sliding distance of the motorcycle was significantly reduced than usual, and the effect of sliding on the downhill section was also weakened, and we felt very hard to push the vehicle on the flat ground. At this point, the first check before and after the tire pressure is in the normal standard value, if the tire before and after the volume is not consistent or obviously insufficient, will cause increased fuel consumption, should be timely check and tire inflation.

If the inspection found that the tire wear degree is serious, and often appear in the driving skidding phenomenon, which will not only increase the fuel consumption, but also bring hidden trouble to the safety of driving, to promptly replace the new spare tire. Of course, it is best to prepare for a long journey with a special tire barometer, for the detection of tire pressure.

Insufficient tire pressure is also the direct cause of early tire damage, according to motorcycle tire maintenance statistics, found that there are nearly 85% of tires early wear out, because the tire pressure is insufficient. Insufficient tire pressure not only endangers driving safety, but also reduces the actual service life of tires by 20% ~ 40%.

In the tire inflation, should be equipped with the tire side marked by the most atmospheric pressure value inflation, and not according to the motorcycle operating instructions marked by the most atmospheric pressure inflation, so as to ensure the best wear resistance and extend the service life of the tire.