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How does the average family buy a car engine to choose?
Release date:2020.05.08

More and more young people put buying a car on their life list and learn the basics of cars in advance to prevent us from losing our judgment when buying a car because we are attracted by the hype of the sales staff. When buying a car, the most important parts are the engine configuration, the price, the comfort of the space, and of course whether the fuel economy is also very important to everyone.

And when you really go to see the car, there is a problem will often encounter, is the engine displacement size difference, often appear on the market displacement is generally 2.0l or 1.5t, which should we choose?


The first thing I need to do is to explain to you the difference between a turbocharged engine and a naturally aspirated engine. They are also distinguished by T and L respectively. Under the same displacement, a turbocharged engine is more powerful than a naturally aspirated engine. The number of cylinders in the engine is also different. The more cylinders there are, the stronger the power of the engine will be; otherwise, the weaker the power will be, which will lead to higher maintenance cost.

For our average family, due to the power requirements are not too high, so we often choose between 1.5t and 2.0l engines. Although the maintenance cost of the 2.0L engine is relatively low, its fuel efficiency is not ideal, so the fuel consumption performance is not so satisfactory. At this point the turbocharged engine performs very well. From the above description, we can see that these two engines have advantages and disadvantages, so how to choose?

Since it is difficult to choose between the two options, why not try a 1.8l engine instead? On the one hand, it has a significant decrease in fuel consumption, on the other hand, maintenance costs are correspondingly reduced, can be said to be most of the average family is a very good choice. Of course, the smaller 1.6l engine is also a good choice. And in the purchase of small engine cars, we can also get a lot of concessions, which is a great boon for many cash-strapped car owners. Of course it may be a little less dynamic.

To sum up: for most ordinary families, the power of the car is not too demanding. They are most concerned about the economy of the car, whether it has lower fuel consumption and can save us more money. In this case, for most families, an engine displacement between 2.0L and 1.5T, such as 1.8L or 1.6L, is appropriate. Both economically and practically, it can meet the needs of these families.