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Motorcycle feel no compression, pull cylinder leakage?
Release date:2020.05.12

In the morning, a car owner came over and said that the car could not start, and the starting rod did not feel at the foot. As soon as I tried, it did. The engine was not compressed, and it felt like rubber band pulling.

Asked the owner of the car in the near future, the feeling should not be cylinder air leakage caused by the lack of compression, judging from experience, it seems that the clutch slip caused by!

First not urgent slowly, because this car is the old car plus is a miscellaneous goods, if the direct tell the owner of the clutch finished, need to remove the side shell to change the clutch small drum. After that even change the oil, the cost is high, afraid the owner can not accept, when the time comes to say not to repair can not have to earn!


I first see the car has no oil, pull out the oil ruler to observe the oil level, as expected already can't reach!

After understanding also found that the owner did not maintain consciousness, did not change according to seasonal changes to adapt to the oil. Unscrew the oil and let a few drops of oil come out.

If there is no oil, the engine will cause the illusion of no compression, because the glue and impurities between the clutch pieces, will adhere to the clutch pieces together, the fault phenomenon reflected outside, just like the engine without compression.

But now can not rule out the lack of oil caused by, or its own clutch problem. Blindly change the oil, if clutch problem, that means the next step to open the side box, the oil is not leaking? White plus!

As it happens, I have a pot of old oil just replaced in the run-in period. Give it to him first, try it on, and then let it out for a new oil.

After you change the oil, start and try the foot. It's still uncompressed. Press the button to start, and the battery of the original car is dead.

Immediately connect a spare battery to start a few times, finally start a success, and then try to start a foot on the foot, it is the clutch piece together to cause this failure.

This kind of problem is the same as martial arts film, must get through the two pulse. See the model, see the state of the car, through the fault phenomenon can know the fault range, will not go to the pure theory to guess the fault, that must let oneself detour.

After finding out the cause of the fault, the old oil was let go and the new oil was added. The condition of the vehicle was restored and the owner was satisfied with it without spending much money.