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The forward and reverse inspection of motorcycle circuit fault maintenance
Release date:2020.06.23

1. Forward examination

Check the direction from the beginning of the current to the end of the current according to the working principle of the circuit and the current loop.

Power supply and power failure inspection and inspection sequence:

Check magneto → measure output ALTERNATING current → rectifier regulator → output DC voltage → battery charging voltage → voltage of electric device (headlamp, steering signal, electric horn).

Power system fault (battery is not charged, charging voltage is low) Check sequence:

Check output AC voltage of magneto → check input AC voltage of rectifier regulator → check DC voltage output of rectifier regulator → charging voltage of battery → normal charging voltage of battery (14.5→18V) fault removal.

Ignition circuit fault engine starting difficulty check sequence:

Ignition circuit fault) : ac ignition circuit, check the magneto CDI charging ignition coil resistance → check the trigger coil resistance → ignition coil resistance → check the spark plug cap resistance → check the spark plug → troubleshooting.

Dc power supply ignition circuit fault: measure the battery voltage → check the trigger coil resistance → check the igniter → test the first stage coil resistance of the ignition coil → spark plug → spark cap resistance → fault elimination.

Fault inspection sequence of the ignition circuit of the e-jet motorcycle:

Turn on the ignition switch → check the spark plug cap resistance → install the same type of spark plug in the spark plug cap → check the spark plug discharge → check the spark plug discharge → no spark → check the wire and wire connectors → check or replace the sensor → replace the original CAR CPU with an alternative CPU→ check the spark plug discharge → discharge normally → troubleshoot the ignition circuit.


2. Reverse examination

In other words, the circuit fault is checked backwards from the terminal of the circuit forward inspection program.

Check ignition circuit fault: remove spark plug cap and spark plug from cylinder head of engine; Sense resistor to spark plug cap will be breakdown resistance (up) - > check the spark plug breakdown (0) resistance to the high tension line ignition coil of discharge properly - > check the discharge energy (electric spark discharge, spark linear blue) - ignition coil short circuit secondary resistance (2-10 k Ω) to check the electronic igniter,, check whether the trigger coil short circuit (less than 90 Ω resistance), and to measure the magneto ignition coil resistance (330 ~ 480 Ω) filling and troubleshooting.