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How does a novice rider choose a motorcycle harness?
Release date:2020.07.07

1. Which is soft protection vs. hard protection?

Many people feel that protective gear is the most important protective function, so the harder the better. Although the protection of titanium alloy or stainless steel has higher strength, the excellent material may cause secondary injury in the accident while protecting us. Hard protectors can only be used in low-speed crashes; A Highside crash at high speed can make breaking metal even more dangerous.


2. Cycling wear protection VS individual protection

Individual protective gear is certainly convenient and comfortable, but the protection is certainly not as good as cycling clothing. The separate protective gear is fixed with straps, which is easy to shift or fall off when the car falls at high speed, so the separate protective gear is not suitable for high-speed driving. The built-in protective gear is not easy to shift and has comprehensive protection. It is recommended to choose cycling clothes with protective gear in winter, because it is more convenient and can protect against wind. Summer car pants are too hot, the separate protection is more breathable, and easy to take off.

3. Cycling clothes must be very tight

Cycling clothes are usually a size smaller than the size you would be comfortable wearing. Because it fits your body so tightly, the protective gear doesn't shift and there's no friction between the suit and your skin as you slide.

4. Riding clothes must have a back panel

The back is a very important protective gear that many drivers overlook. There are many levels of the back, except the most advanced D3O material, the price of other back is not expensive. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers do not bundle cycling clothes with the back, even high-end cycling clothes from Dennis and A-Star are not equipped with the back. But the backplane is an important protective device to prevent paralysis caused by spinal injury.

5.A hump is not a necessity

Many people think that the hump's most important function is to protect the spine, but it's not. The most important function of the hump is its spoiler function, which ensures the stability of the rider and the vehicle when riding at high speed on the track, and at the same time speeds up the air flow and reduces drag. So if it's just street cycling, humps aren't particularly necessary. Riders can choose whether to wear a hump or not according to their needs.