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The motorcycle does not activate the troubleshooting method
Release date:2020.07.17

1. First open the electric door lock and check whether the indicator light is on. If the indicator is not on, check whether the battery is powered on. The battery is energized to check whether the fuse is blown out. If the fuse is blown out, replace it with another one, which indicates that there is a line impact and check the line problem. Simple fuse check method: open the electric door lock

Then turn on the headlights near and far light 'turn signal about the horn, the left and right brake switch and refit accessories and vehicle operation will not be the same.

2. First check the battery is normal, then check the ignition system. Usually most of our maintenance masters are like this check maintenance, ignition system components are magneto, fV, electric firearm other line assembly. In general, we check to see whether the spark from the FBT is on fire. If the spark is normal, we will continue to check the next step. If there is no spark, we will check the igniter or the FBT and the electric fire coil. If the coil is broken, now it's a dc igniter, so there's no need to change the ignition coil. Unless the coil is changed and the ignition still doesn't work, it needs to be replaced. The color of spark plug is brown, black and white. Brown is normal ignition. Black is caused by the lack of maintenance of carburetor and air filter element.

3. GY6 scooter has two types of AC and DC ignition. Generally speaking, GY6 DC ignition requires magneto to drive ignition and speed transmission. GY6 DC ignition requires 12V battery power to start the car with a high-voltage output. The following two are the three prince models of general Motors unless individual brands. CG125 works the same as GY6. An igniter with too much time can easily burn out its electrons.


4. The autocycle FBT is a booster transformer. The motorbike magneto sends a voltage of 6V or 12V up to 12000V and transmits it to the spark plug for ignition. Now the FBT is closed, damage can only be replaced. The car wouldn't start if it didn't have a high voltage. Check the next step after troubleshooting,

5. Several common failures of the carburetor on a scooter are: very difficult to start, especially the first time in the morning. Idling is erratic and often increases the idling speed and flameout. You don't have enough power, you don't have enough gas, you don't have a lot of idle speed, but you just don't have enough energy. Oil leakage needle valve wear caused by oil leakage, high oil consumption is mainly caused by the long time to wear low speed and main flow hole hole or air filter plug, the above carburetor fault analysis. As far as the whole vehicle is concerned, there are many factors causing the above faults. Such as starting difficulty: ignition system disorder, spark plug electrode gap change and so on will cause starting difficulty.

6. Check oil: Engine oil deficiency or blockage of oil duct and filter, wear of engine oil pump caused serious car problems, the cylinder block and piston and piston ring without oil lubrication, resulting in high temperature friction melting bond.

Motorcycle temperature is too high will burst cylinder cooling problem, sometimes the best motorcycle speed is not too big, easy to make the engine temperature more than the design of the temperature.

Engine intake and exhaust system, ignition timing adjustment is not standard. For example: the engine temperature is too high, the surface temperature is more than 90° : the driving is weak, severe feeling; The abnormal sound occurs in the friction between the cylinder block and the piston, and the frequency of the abnormal sound increases with the increase of the rotating speed. Cause the explosion cylinder engine stuck dead, below: the engine explosion cylinder piston wear is serious, now after the introduction of the country's four motorcycles, scooters are less change cylinder.

7. One thing most motorcycle users pay less attention to these days is the oil gauge. Eagle car shop: shops often notice to see a lot of customers, usually riding motorcycles do not love maintenance. Some customers are more maintenance, mileage is broken on the replacement. Cause riding for miles without knowing how easy it is to burn oil. The reduction of fuel did not go to check, causing the motorcycle cylinder burst.