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Minefields to Avoid when buying a used motorcycle
Release date:2020.07.28

If you want to buy a car, you should first determine your favorite model and brand. It is not import car joint venture car is good, domestic car is not good, the state of each car is different, do not be blindfolded by place of origin and brand.

Basically 2 to 3 years of used car price is obviously different from the new car, the vehicle has passed the run-in period, is in the period of good use. As long as the original owner on time for routine maintenance, basically no problem, but do some testing is still necessary, it is recommended to buy maintenance records, according to the original owner maintenance of the vehicle law to continue maintenance, can effectively maintain the vehicle performance.

Second-hand motor drive table reference value is low, many car dealers will wean flash to pretend to be a new car, the colour can be judged by observing whether original tyres, is in the original factory watch pattern more deep more new, are in the latest lanugo, see if frame joints, whether wandering up hands put handlebar cycling, handlebar is shaking back and forth, the brake is sensitive, and then see if shock absorption before and after oil. Then see whether the engine hot and cold car can be a gun, whether the idle speed is stable, to the throttle up whether normal speed. At this point, we can roughly tell whether the car is in normal condition.

For those who want to buy a used motorcycle, here are some tips:

(1) Overall:

Instead of looking at how big and new the car is, make sure the main parts are original. Unfamiliar with the car, you can take a high definition picture of the original car, front and rear shock absorbent, instrumentation, hubs, exhaust and some obvious features, the same as the careful check.

(2) Frame:

Check to see if the frame is out of alignment, if the front and rear wheels are in a straight line, and if the wheels are in the center of the front and rear shock absorbers (it's possible that the front and rear are tilted to one side, and you're looking in a straight line). Don't take it if it isn't.

(3) Scars:

Make sure it's the original, and look for any visible scars on the car. Some minor injuries are inevitable, but if you see damage from a fall on the frame or front and rear shock absorbers, or even signs of rewelding, no matter how much you love the car, once you find it, don't.

(4) Engine:

Look at the car smoothly, after the car to observe the waiting speed, do not look at how low the speed is, look at the instability, the pointer jumping back and forth, my heart is a question mark, and then listen to the sound, listen to the engine has the same noise, such as small chain, valve, drum has the same sound, do not have abnormal such as clattering or clattering noise. Watch and feel the engine for any abnormal tremors. Waiting time should also be hot almost at this time, with the hand touch the temperature of the exhaust header section, afraid of hot you pour some water up, feel the temperature is the same, or look at the evaporation of water vapor is consistent, if not the same as what is cool is the cylinder work is bad, may be a small problem may also be a big problem.

Gently twist a few throttle, do not a lot of refueling, the exhaust sound is very big, there is no practical significance, but to cover up the engine noise. Throttle to observe the engine revolution is not up and down very quickly, in the exhaust pipe to observe whether there is black smoke, blue smoke phenomenon. When the car is completely hot, turn off the ignition and start again to see if it goes well. If the engine can not start 80% of the hot car caused by aging no waiting speed, there is no cure!


5. Try to ride:

When all the above questions have been checked, it is time to try the ride down. Sit in the car after righting the car, observe whether the tires deviate, see if the front brakes are sensitive. After getting ready, pinch the clutch, step on the next gear, off and on, then feel the clutch disc can be clearly separated and combined, refueling has no engine revolutions up but the car is not the clutch slipping phenomenon, and try to each block, see if there is no gear can not hang up. Do not exert yourself after righting the handle on the way, and check whether there is any deviation, whether the sensitivity of the brake test and the sinking action of the shock absorber before braking are consistent, and whether there is any obvious sense of collision. If so, it may have been corrected after the accident, or there may have been no damping oil.

Warm tips:

Stolen cars of unknown origin must not be purchased, this is an illegal act.

Cars in the trading market, whether it is important to note that the seller of board have registered permanent residence this getting the invoice (or id card), car, driving license, and all kinds of tax policy, etc., moreover, should also try to choose and buy parts easy to get the vehicle, lest produce trouble back at home, buy second-hand motorcycle must transfer formalities, normal vehicle can transfer formalities, if can't transfer of second-hand motorcycle, must be careful to avoid unnecessary losses.