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How long does motorcycle oil need to be changed?
Release date:2020.08.03

Although electric cars are all the rage these days, they are also essential and plentiful in places where climbing and long range are required. Now living conditions are good, many people in the car at the same time, also like to have a motorcycle for peacetime play.

Motorcycle operation is simple, no matter the streets can shuttle freely, and not by the time of charging trouble, so many people love. But although the motorcycle is simple, it is also a complete mechanical system, as the saying goes sparrow is small, well-equipped, motorcycle maintenance, is also the same can not be less.

For ordinary car owners, the most direct maintenance, is to change the oil and "three filter", we all know, car oil often need to change 5000 kilometers, or even 10000 kilometers, so the motorcycle in the end how long to change the oil more appropriate?

I saw some riders leave messages saying that a new motorcycle may need to change the oil about 500-800 kilometers, and then it needs to change the oil every 300 kilometers. I don't know where this data comes from, but I feel that the mileage interval is too short, unnecessary and a waste of money.


Motorcycle factory manual will generally write relatively clear, after the first warranty of the motorcycle is the most appropriate mileage of oil change is 1500 kilometers, of course, different models may have differences, this is only a common number.

In general, a new car's first mileage is usually less than this range, although the engine manufacturing process has improved, there is no need to deliberately run-in, but the necessary run-in is more conducive to ensuring a good running condition of the motorcycle. Timely replacement of oil and filter, can ensure that the runin period of iron filings and other magazines can be cleaned in a timely manner, to prevent secondary wear, so that the protection of the engine is better.

Some friends might say, "I never change the oil, and I don't see anything wrong with my motorcycle." Mechanical wear and tear, it is a process of accumulation, the machines are broken, after all, it is not a day for two days, the engine wear is caused by the long, some commuter car owners of power demand is not high, may have caused the heavy wear and tear, but he may not have noticed, until one day throw his engine, holding in death of the road, he can be aware of the importance of the oil.

Generally speaking, the less used motorcycle, even if not even 1000 kilometers a year, then at least once a year to change the oil.

In addition to the maintenance of the engine to frequently change the oil, the choice of oil is also more important, choose high-quality oil for the lubrication and protection of the engine will be better, usually choose synthetic oil for the engine protection is better, mileage can be appropriately extended some.