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What are the most common problems for a novice motorcyclist?
Release date:2020.08.03

Always look down at the meter

Rookie mistake is most easily often look down the instrument, most novice rider because nervous or not familiar with vehicle operation, in the road nowadays consciousness will often go to the instrument, check the speed or the gear, this is a very dangerous, and even some riders will have the habit of looking down navigation, regardless of ride a bike or drive a car to hit the road should be focus on road conditions.

Not familiar with clutch control

As a buffer, an indispensable part for the importance of the clutch is obvious, and control of clutch is each part of the big headaches for novice knight, veteran often say a word, called "clutch points", the vast majority of newcomers cannot understand, but there are manual driving experience knight should be easy to understand, clutch points is clutch from separation to the location of the occlusion, the vehicle's power output and cutting on the clutch control, clutch control whether qualified, will be related to the dynamic balance of the vehicle so the control of clutch is a knight must master the skill.


Not keeping a safe distance

The control of safe distance, whether on four or two wheels, safe distance is very easy to be ignored. Motorcycle because the car distance is shorter, it is recommended to pull out at least with the car in front of 20 meters above the car distance is more appropriate. Old birds, of course, judge by their braking levels, road conditions and speed, but that's another story. It is not a good habit to drive or ride a motorcycle too close to the car in front of you. If you get too close to the car in front of you, you will probably brake in any emergency and have an accident before you can react. So form a good habit from the very beginning and keep a proper distance from the car.

Don't look at road signs

One of the most common mistakes newcomers make is not being able to read road signs. Although we are in the driver's license are learning road signs signs, but in fact many knights didn't see the sign on the road, road signs for driving on the road every knight, is an indispensable important information, and as time progresses, road information will be updated, so be sure to allow yourself to let public signs on the road with a certain degree of understanding.

Emergency brake

Although modern technology assists motorcycle braking through ABS, CBS and other technologies, the technique of emergency braking is a topic of constant discussion. The novice is full of panic when the emergency brake. How to handle the appropriate brake force in the panic emotion, so that the front and rear wheels do not lose control, honestly it is very difficult! So after you get the car, you can first at the speed you can control, to a certain point of the emergency brake, repeated practice to ensure that you have a grasp of the braking distance.