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These several kinds of fake motorcycle parts, many people have been cheated
Release date:2020.08.17

Go to the market for your own motorcycle accessories. However, this gives some illegal businesses the opportunity to take advantage of consumers' unprofessionalism and sell fake and inferior products. These spare parts can cause damage to your car. Today, I will give you 5 of the most fake motorcycle parts, so that you can have a pair of eyes.

The oil

There are a lot of fake oil on the market, some of which are specialized in recovering old oil, which is sold to the black oil factory, and the result is fake oil.

Oil filter

The filter element is also one of the accessories that can be easily fabricated. The sealing ring of the false filter element is too small, which will lead to oil leakage. At the same time, the internal process of the false filter element is rough and rust will cause damage to the engine, which is easy to fall off after being soaked by oil and lose the filtering effect.


Brake pads

Such important parts, in fact, fake goods are very much, in case the car can not brake how to do, really at the expense of others!

Gear oil

Inferior gear oil produces great damage to the transmission mechanism of the scooter, high quality gear oil not only lubricity is good, but also low temperature resistance, wax resistance is good!

1. Observe the color. Qualified gear oil uniform appearance, transparent, inferior product color is darker, sometimes can be seen at the bottom of the tank layer or precipitation.

2. Smell. Gear oil extreme pressure additive added sulfide, a little heating will produce a pungent taste. If the oil of lu fossil wax is added, there is no such smell.

3 heating. Heat the gear oil to 180 ° C -200 ° C. Fake oil tends to blacken, while good oil does not change much.

The spark plug

1. The characteristic electrode materials of the counterfeit parts are inferior, the electrode gap is generally uneven, the insulator is of poor material, even has pores, poor thermal conductivity, and the anti-conductive performance is relatively weak. Internal resistance is generally not installed, easy to generate electromagnetic waves, interference with other electrical equipment.

2. Check whether the thread of the spark plug is smooth and does not stick, shake the terminal screw cap by hand. Under normal circumstances, the screw cap is very stable without loosening. And the ceramic insulator of the spark plug has the type/brand painted on it. If the word is easily removed with fingernail, it is fake.