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The "expert" is too narrow in his knowledge of motorcycles. In other words, he has never ridden a motorcycle!
Release date:2020.08.26

Motorcycle is just a means of transportation, please do not give it too much meaning! In fact, the "forbidden motorcycle" policy is just like the policy of the electric bicycle new gb, starting from the Angle of the stem to consider problems, instead of persuation and solve the problem fundamentally, the role of motorcycle travel in the city is very big, and occupying social resources are also very few, so standing in the point of view of ordinary people, "ward still seem a bit unreasonable"!


Experts have a very narrow view of motorcycles. In other words, they probably never rode a motorcycle

Experts to develop a "forbidden motorcycle" policy, mostly because the expert understanding of motorcycle still stays in the early days of the memory, the other is a large part of the reason why because of vested interests, caused the domestic motorcycle travel difficult, limit, then let's count the experts of the main causes of ward.

1, experts think: motorcycle belongs to the "meat package iron", the accident casualty rate is relatively large!

Common people: from the point of view of common people, motorcycles do belong to "meat wrapped iron", once the accident, the casualty rate is very large, but, the car accident when the casualty rate is not too large? !

Solution: in fact accident rate of the problem is very good solve, the fundamental problem is the self safety awareness is not enough, and the most simple way to solve this problem is to hunt down strict on the illegal behavior of grueling motorcycle driver, if there is a safety monitoring the motorcycle driver wearing a helmet, a lot of people say to hunt down strict on grueling not solve the root of the problem, but this is the most direct and effective way.

2, experts think: motorcycle pollution, jam the traffic!

Common people: every traffic jam is caused by motor vehicles. All kinds of lane change and illegal driving are the main reasons for traffic jams. As far as pollution is concerned, a few tenths of a percent of emissions, how much more? Compared with the pollution from cars, the pollution from motorcycles can be negligible!

Actually motorcycle makes up the defect of the electric vehicle range is insufficient, and makes up for the motor vehicles occupy more social resources, in theory, motorcycle more in line with the habits of today's society, which take up less social resources, effectively ease the traffic jam, can reduce the emissions of pollutants, protect the environment, to a certain extent.

Actually ward "can not fundamentally solve the problem of motorcycle chaos, in fact, for our common people, compared with cars, stronger practicability and convenience of the motorcycle, but there are many problems existing in the motorcycle, no card, no card, no control is the root of the problem, if the traffic administration for registration, the driver of the motorcycle driver's license, insurance, careful scrutiny, motorcycle is a kind of relief of transport!

Although motorcycle has one thousand kinds of faults, but compared to the car, a bigger threat seems to car, so standing on the objective point of view, do not want to "ward", if possible, I hope you can see in the rise of the domestic motorcycle culture, see the real "cavalier" roaming in each main road of the motherland.