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A motorcycle. I prefer a heavier one
Release date:2020.10.09

When we talk about the weight of a car, it is just like talking about a girl's fatness. The beauty of thinness has been deeply rooted. Especially for domestic cars, the severity of the figure has reached the stage of no brain discrimination

We have to admit that the engine performance indicators, as well as the weight of the vehicle, will directly affect the vehicle's sages ratio, flexibility and so on the lightweight vehicles, both r&d factory owners are spent a lot of hard, there is part performance, is part of the business, and for owners, has the blind and the modern meaning in it

For sports cars, cars and suvs two types, in particular, lightweight is speed and flexibility of the very important indicators, which are also the same need more professional venues and personnel to understand, lightweight promoted game-playing at the same time, but may be somewhat lacking in comfort, while civil models are different needs and considerations, only a car heavy practice is not mature enough


A lighter car can get a larger thruster ratio, handle light and sensitive, travel easily on the daily urban roads, and fuel economy is good, but the same problem is low comfort, and the impact of road surface changes on the vehicle will be more drastic

MotoGP, a 250-horsepower monster, weighs only about 150kg, and KTM, yamaha's maniac, could have made it even lighter if there were no restrictions. Such a light car on the track has only one goal, faster!

Off-road vehicles (SUVs) are at the other extreme, extreme manoeuvres. The heavier these vehicles are, the more pressure they put on the frame and on the driver during the various leaps, and there are problems with getting them out of trouble.

The civilian vehicle is more moderate, the pursuit of lightweight is not completely correct, each manufacturer will be based on their own vehicle performance characteristics combined with the model, the weight of a reasonable balance, they consider more is how to improve the horsepower output, rather than blindly reduce the weight

As an ordinary car friend, I do not pursue the limit, but take daily walking, and the car is a little heavier. As long as the overall suspension and weight distribution of the car are reasonable, the cycling texture will not have too big problem. This may be the reason why so many people are heavy, but there are still so many people like it