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How important is ABS in motorcycles? !
Release date:2020.10.15

Now motorcycle development more and more mature, more and more high, displacement of the vehicle driving speed faster and faster, the stand or fall of vehicle's braking system directly about the driver's life, now on the market, from small capacity to large displacement car configuration number of motorcycle ABS system, perhaps with less than usual, but at a crucial moment can save people's life.


Principle and the car is the same as the motorcycle ABS, just car is four wheel, two wheels, and motorcycle is in the motorcycle on two wheels are equipped with ABS, induction coil, induction coil, and in the above have sensor, the sensor on both sides of the wheel speed sensor, if is a wheel slip, will activate the ABS pump, which are involved in the process of intervention brake, by direct snub lock into a high speed. This can avoid the emergency brake when the direction of loss of control and wheel sideslip, and increase the friction of the tires, so that the brake efficiency of more than 90%.

The principle of "automatic anti-lock braking" is not difficult to understand. In an emergency, a vehicle without ABS system has no time to step on the brakes. Due to the vehicle sprint inertia, instant may occur sideslip, travel trajectory deviation and the direction of the body uncontrolled and other dangerous conditions!

Within 100000 motorcycle products, also has high and low points with models, the distinction between high and low with ABS, the price is in commonly 3000 yuan or so, some of the location of a slightly higher price difference between with and without ABS is in commonly 5000 yuan of less than, this time someone will struggle in the end do you want to add money on ABS models, in fact, in such a choice, try to choose the high vehicles equipped with ABS.


Here's what some riders think about ABS:

1. No matter how good the brake technology is, it is not as good as ABS, because in a flash, people's instinct is to brake, can not take into account the brake force.

2. It's better to have ABS, just like a safety belt, which crashes at 200KM/H into a wall, and doesn't run away... Often walk in the river where not wet shoes. It would be better to have more security.

3. Recently, there was also an accident in which the driver's reaction was that ABS could not brake the car. Maybe the driver doesn't like the handling of the ABS car, or maybe the road is bad. In short, ABS is not a panacea, the speed is too fast is useless, safety is still dependent on the driver's awareness.

4. ABS does not mean a gold medal without death. If you drive a motorcycle, you can expect to fall.

Ten accidents and nine quick! However, without ABS, there would be more accidents. These safety devices provide driving safety, but they do not play a decisive role, which is mainly the driver's subjective safety consciousness. But when it comes to configuration, are you willing to pay a little more for an ABS car? Security configuration, I think something is better than nothing.

Motorcycle ABS is a very important configuration, in the process of driving car with four wheels on, have a larger adhesion, while only two wheels on motorcycle, and the ground surface is much less than the car, so as long as it is the road there is foreign body or under the condition of the brake too much will likely lead to skid overturned.

To sum up, the motorcycle ABS braking system is a security technology to protect the safety of our drivers, in the process of buying a motorcycle, if can choose with configuration models from the ABS model, Suggestions have ABS models of choose and buy, because ABS really not gaudy decoration, but really can save a configuration.