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Auto parts industry global hot region distribution in where? Where are the main exporting countries?
Release date:2019.05.27


I. current situation of China's auto parts export

(I) main data

It is not hard to see that in the past 15 years, the export amount of auto parts in China has been growing continuously, especially since China's accession to the wto, with the annual growth rate of about 30%. Meanwhile, the export amount of auto parts accounts for an increasing proportion in the total export of auto products, reaching over 80% in 2005.

(2) export direction and product type

From the perspective of export direction, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries and automobile production countries are major exporters of China's auto parts. At the same time, the development of the Middle East, South America, Africa and other emerging markets has also achieved results. The phenomenon of building factories and acquiring foreign enterprises has also emerged, such as wanxiang qian chao's acquisition of American GBC company (mainly supplying universal joints).

In terms of the types of export products, they are mainly labor-intensive products with low or medium technology content, and the products with traditional comparative advantages such as base, bumper, wire harness, glass, brake pad, clutch, heat dissipation, muffler and universal joint account for a high proportion. The export of high-tech components has also developed to a certain extent, but most of the core technologies are still in the hands of large international component manufacturers.

At present, China's automobile export mainly has the following four channels

The first channel is to enter the international market with the export of the whole vehicle, that is, depending on the whole vehicle enterprises. Take faw jiefang as an example, our company mainly exports to Vietnam and some other southeast Asian countries. The foreign party usually selects the vehicle models of the whole vehicle enterprise first, then goes to the engine factory for investigation, and finally exports together. This is the method most commonly used for exporting domestic products.

The second channel is foreign direct procurement in China, that is, through the global procurement system of multinational automobile companies into the international market. At present, the global automobile enterprises are constantly reducing the self-production rate of parts, and the implementation of the global procurement strategy, the global procurement rate of multinational companies are mostly more than 50%.

The third channel is the direct external sales of production enterprises. By being a secondary supplier in the foreign market, we can directly export our products to foreign countries to ensure the continuous growth of our export.

The fourth channel is to rely on foreign trade companies. Professional foreign trade companies have been engaged in import and export business for a long time, familiar with products and markets, have a fixed sales channel, and can timely grasp the dynamics of the international market, and at the same time the organization of goods source channel is also smooth, so it is very advantageous.

Ii. Main competitiveness of China's auto parts export

(I) cost advantage

Low labor costs. Low labor cost advantage is very important for the formation of international competitiveness of auto parts industry, and Japan is the most typical example. When Japan developed the automobile industry and could compete with Europe and America in the international market, it mainly relied on the advantage of low labor cost. However, with the sharp rise of Japanese wages, the advantage of low cost soon disappeared, and Japan had to transfer a large part of the automobile industry chain to countries and regions with lower cost. In contrast, China's labor reserve is sufficient, long-term oversupply, so will be able to provide low-cost labor. At the same time, China not only has a low-cost labor force, but also has a large contingent of skilled technical personnel.

China's low labor cost makes China's competitive advantage in labor-intensive components very obvious. Base, bumper, wire harness, glass, brake pad, clutch, heat dissipation, muffler, universal joint and other products, the domestic price is often about 20% lower than the international price. It can be said that labor advantage is the biggest competitive advantage of China's auto parts export.

Auto parts industry global hot region distribution in where? Where are the main exporting countries? Now let us take a look at the 2015 auto parts foreign trade summary.

Sales of auto parts are concentrated in North America, Australia and Western Europe, and Brazil is also active. If e-commerce companies want to expand beyond North America, they can pay more attention to these market distribution.

Auto parts industry ranks among China's export regions

The largest export market of China's auto parts industry is still the United States, whose total sales in the past 12 months were nearly three times that of the United Kingdom, the second largest market. By comparison, America's market share is lower than that of several other industries. But that makes no difference. America is still the biggest market for car parts.

As an advanced means of transportation, automobile is very popular in developed countries. With the increase of automobile market share, automobile parts also perform well in corresponding regions.

Over the past 36 months, global markets have grown at a similar rate annually, steadily upward.

Among them, the Russian federation has been quietly catching up. Although its market share was the weakest in the chart in 2009, through the growth and development in the past 24 months, the Russian federation has successfully ranked the eighth in the world and its future development is immeasurable.

In terms of the map of emerging markets, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands and South Africa are the markets with rapid rise. Although Italy has a large market size, its growth rate is not as fast as that of Mexico, which is in the second place. Compared with the Netherlands and South Africa, Mexico not only has a large market size, but also a rapid growth rate, which is a very noteworthy market.

South Korea, Indonesia and Austria are the fastest growing countries. The pace of growth in these three markets is also attracting increasing attention. However, due to the small scale of Bunsen, e-commerce companies need to consider comprehensive factors when considering investment.

Auto parts market sales law, the annual stable increase in the form. Individual markets are mostly flat except for declines in January and February. As a derivative product of automobile, auto parts market demand is relatively balanced, and there will not be too many seasonal factors. To do well in the sales of this industry, we need to do more analysis on the actual market share of product positioning and automobile types, so as to better grasp this industry.

According to internal statistics, the sales scale of independent e-commerce companies that sell auto parts is mostly within $50,000. Specifically, about 30% of the e-commerce companies' annual sales remain within $2,000, which is also the most densely distributed part. 26% of annual sales are between $2,000 and $10,000. After that, there are nearly 29% e-commerce companies, whose annual sales can break through $10,000, with a maximum impact of $50,000. Once it passed $50,000, competition eased, and about 12 percent of the annual sales of independent e-commerce remained stable

Between 50,000 and $200,000, in the end, only less than 4% of the auto parts e-commerce will have an annual revenue much higher than $200,000. This part has the least competition and the most annual profit! Therefore, e-commerce needs to make persistent efforts and only after breaking through the siege can it enjoy more profit space. (call: 0594-2635069)