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Honda launches new CB200X overseas!
Release date:2021.08.25

In India, Honda launched a new entry-level multipurpose adventure car, the CB200X, which is a bit like the NC series, not a 200-displacement car at all. In contrast, the Domestic Five Sheep Honda CB190X is much thinner

From the appearance, the dark windshield and fairing, LED turn signal is integrated in the gauntlet, engine guard plate, large support these are factory standard, it is very sincere


In terms of shock absorbers, the front is the same as the Hornet 2.0 gold inverted fork, and the rear is adjustable single-gun shock absorbers. The tire specifications are 110/70-17 in the front and 140-70-17 in the back, with dual tires, convenient for road driving or light off-road driving, single disc in front and rear with single channel ABS. Tower height 810mm, 167mm ground clearance

The gauges are fully digital and RoadSync-compatible with Bluetooth, navigation and other features. The power unit is the same as the CB190X, powered by an 184.4cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with A PGM-FI injection system and a five-speed gearbox, providing about 17HP at 8,500rpm. Peak torque was 16.1nm /6000