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CB series? Honda's new model is revealed
Release date:2022.12.27

Honda announced earlier this year that it would launch 10 or more electric scooters by 2025, but just when it was thought that the new models would be tucked away for a while, the official sponsored event recently revealed photos of the models.

Honda's promotional float showcasing its electric plans included, among other things, a new two-wheeled motorcycle, one of three new Honda "Fun EV" models, if nothing else.

According to publicity images released, Honda's electric car has a styling similar to the new CB750 Hornet, with more angular and muscular features such as the rear subframe and fuel tank trim panels.

The engine part of the new car is covered by a protective shell, the suspension system has a front inverted front fork and rear central shock absorber, the braking appears to be a front double disc brake + radial four-piston calipers, and the rear rocker arm does not adopt the single rocker arm design common in electric models, but maintains the traditional shape.

Honda this new model from the appearance of the design, is expected to belong to the CB series, this new car is reported to be launched in the next year at the soonest, everyone concerned about the power, endurance and other aspects of the specific information of the subsequent disclosure.

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