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Motorcycle accessories common terms and accessories classification details
Release date:2019.05.21

Motorcycle is not transport, but the hopes of the soul, is a symbol of "freedom", although small a motorcycle, to dismantle the whole motorcycle, the fittings can surprise you drop your chin, look at the below common noun (motor-bicycle-fittings required) professional motorcycle accessories industry, namely, important parts and motorcycle parts classification grading standard, as well as the standard of motorcycle spare parts.


一、 motorcycle parts industry common terminology

1. Classification of models:

Motorcycle: motorcycle

I'm a cub

Scooter, moped scooter and scooter

Dirt bike: dirt bike


Farmer's car: UTV

Go-kart: Go kart

Jogging: pocket bike

2. Steering and control system:

Front fork: front fork

Handle: handle, handle grip

Connecting plate: connecting plate, connection board

Instrument: odometer, instrument

Switch: switch, switch assy.

Lamps and lanterns: lamps, light

Shock, shock absorber, suspension, absorber, shock absorber

Brake system: brake system

Disc brake assembly


3.Electric parts

Electric coil, ignition coil


Rectifier: rectifier

Flash asher: flasher

Key set

Speaker: horn

4. Body parts:

Plastic parts

Wind shield: wind shield

Main stand

The Rear fork: Rear fork

Cushion: as

Fuel tank

Muffler: muffler

Pedal: footrest

Main stand

Little foot: side stand

Fender: fender

Rim: wheel rim

Hub: hub,wheel hub

Shaft: axle

The spokes: spoke


5. Power part:

Jacking machine: CG engine

Chain machine: CB engine

Horizontal engines: Horizontal engine, C series engine, cub engine-gy6

Engine: GY6 engine

Air-cooled engine: an air-cooled engine

Cooled engine: water-cooled engine

Two-stroke engine: 2-stroke engine

Four-stroke engine: 4-stroke engine

Stroke: the stroke

Cylinder head: cylinder head

Cylinder body: cylinder body

Cylinder body assembly: cylinder assy.

Piston, piston

Piston rings: piston rings

Valve: the valve

: crankshaft crankshaft

Camshaft: camshaft

Rocker, rock arm

Start motor: start motor

Magneto: magneto

Magneto stator: stator

Rotor of magneto: rotor

Carburetor: carburetor, carb

Box: a case

Gear, gear

Main shaft

Counter shaft

Clutch: clutch

Clutch disc: clutch disc

Kick starter

Beyond the clutch: starter clutch

Driving wheel

Driven wheel

Sprocket: sprocket

Xiao fei: front sprocket

Rear sprocket

Oil pump


6. Technology & technology:

Painting: the painting

Chrome plated, chrome

Aluminum alloy

Technology system

CNC lathe: CNC

Engineering plastics: ABS

7. Wearing parts:

Battery: '

Belt, belt

Tire: tire, tire

Tube: inner tube

Spark plug: spark plug

Light bulbs, bulbs

Bearing, bearing

Paper: gasket

Oil seal: oil seal

Chain: chain O

Ring: O - ring

Standard parts

Oil filter element: oil filter

Intake intake

Air filter: air filter

Air filter elements

Disc brake pad

Brake shoe: brake shoe

Reflector: reflector

Screw, screw

Packing: washer


8. Attachments:

Attachment: accessory

Racing clothes

Racing trousers: racing trousers

Protective writing materials: protective writing materials

Eye-guarder glasses: eye-guarder glasses

Rear view mirror

Spring: Spring

Rear box

二、motorcycle parts classification details

1, engine and accessories: assembly crankcase cylinder piston ring crankshaft valve camshaft fuel tank filter fuel pump pump carburetor electronic injection into the exhaust tank fan other

2, transmission system parts: motorcycle clutch transmission transmission transmission control device motorcycle starting mechanism motorcycle belt drive component chain drive component shaft drive component

3. Walking system parts: frame fender, fork, shock absorber, shock absorber, wheel hub, rim, etc., tire, lock, alarm, bumper, sight mirror, miscellaneous box, frame, etc

4. Control system parts: directional post handlebar, handle sleeve and soft shaft of control device, pull brake brake pedal, pull rod ABS and other brake parts

Electrical apparatus and instruments: accumulator generator starting motor brush rectifier beyond clutch distributor spark plug switch lamp and signal device horn instrument sensor relay wiring harness counter other electrical parts

6, common parts and related: rubber seals, plastic parts rubber, plastic parts hard tube, soft tube, powder metallurgy parts casting and forging parts, stamping parts standard parts, fastener bearing, axle sleeve gear coating, adhesives lubricants and other materials and processing magneto motorcycle safety supplies helmet sunglasses


三、 Specifications for the importance and classification of motorcycle parts

Quality characteristics of motorcycle parts determined by the product specifications, performance and structure, and affect the applicability of the product, is passed to the design process, manufacturing and inspection and other technical requirements and information, it contains, limit and size, function, life, interchangeability, environmental pollution, safety and implement the relevant government regulations and standards, etc., this specification applies to the company two rounds of motorcycle and two rounds of scooters and electric bicycles, motorcycles parts important degree and its important degree grading project.

The classification of the importance of parts is based on the level of the project importance of parts, which is divided into critical parts, important parts and general parts, and the level symbols are represented by A, B and C successively.

Critical component A: if one or more items in the component reach A level of importance, the component is the critical component. Class B and C items are allowed in class A parts.

Important part B: in the parts and components, one or more items have the importance level B, but the parts and components of the a-level items cannot be the important parts, and c-level items are allowed to appear in the b-level parts and components.

General C class: there are no A and B class items in the parts and components, and the parts and components that have little impact on the service performance and service life of the products and do not cause complaints from users or individuals. Class A and B items are not allowed in class C parts.


Content of importance classification generally includes:

A. safety and environmental requirements;

B. requirements for performance structure;

C. Reliability, service life and interchangeability requirements;

D. Material properties and treatment requirements;

E. Welding, casting and forging requirements;

F. Requirements for size, limit and fit, shape and position tolerance and surface roughness;

G. Appearance and appearance requirements;

H. Cleanliness requirements.

四、Standard for motorcycle parts