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Valve is not throttle, silly not clear!
Release date:2019.05.27

Glass water, antifreeze

Glass water, as the name suggests, wipes the glass, acting on the front windshield; Antifreeze, cooling engine, lubrication cooling system, cooling system to prevent icing, scaling role.


Valves, throttle valves

The valve is specially responsible for the fuel into the engine and exhaust gas, installed in the engine cylinder body.


Throttle valve is a valve to control the air into the engine, and there is a metal wire connection between the throttle, add oil pine oil is to change the size of throttle opening to control the size of the air intake, gas full combustion work to achieve acceleration and deceleration.


Differential, differential lock

In the process of straight driving, the speed of the two driving wheels is the same, but in the turn because the wheel travel distance is not long, the speed is certainly not the same, the role of the differential is to allow the left and right sides of the driving wheel to run at different speed.


Differential lock is a differential on the accessories, but the role of just the opposite of the differential, the purpose is not to let the differential work, do not allow the same speed on both sides of the drive wheel.


Half shaft, drive shaft

Half-axle, also known as drive axle, is a solid shaft between the differential and driving wheel to transfer torque, generally divided into full floating and semi-floating.


The drive shaft is composed of shaft tube, telescopic sleeve and universal joint. It is the part that transfers the power in the automobile transmission system. The main function is to transfer the power of the engine to the wheels together with the gearbox and drive axle.


Knock, deflagration

Knock is mainly a phenomenon, engine problems, produce a high - frequency knock sound, also known as knock cylinder.

Deflagration is in the cylinder because of carbon accumulation, fuel quantity is too low, the cylinder pressure after combustion is too high to cause high frequency oscillation.