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Ride the motorcycle up a swing, what went wrong?
Release date:2020.11.11

Sorching summer, motorcycle ride up can drive car cool much, but, a lot of car owner discover oneself motorcycle ride up suddenly shake a pendulum of, do not know where went out of order? There is a doubt that the hub bearing is broken, there is a doubt that the direction of the bearing is broken, in fact, it is not, is the tire heat deformation!

The tire was distorted by heat? What bad tires? This is a lot of owners of the question, in fact, not poor tire quality, after all, or the owners of their own problems.


Before driving a motorcycle, check the tire pressure is a necessary check, but many owners can not do. Of course, can not do, as long as you can be sensitive to the lack of pressure on the motorcycle, riding instability also go. But often many owners belong to people who can only ride bikes and don't know how to maintain them. Motorcycle in the case of insufficient air pressure, a long time of cycling, is extremely easy to produce motorcycle meridian break, so that the motorcycle in the hot summer deformation, deformation of motorcycle tires, riding up a shake, produce a very unstable cycling swing, in this case of tires, to resolutely change!

There is another reason, of course, also can make the tire deformation, that is already using the inferior tires, also hard to the tyre, the tyres in the summer can easily heat deformation, tire pressure is in commonly 2.2 2.5 between air pressure (that is, 220 kpa and the meaning of 250 kpa), neither too low nor too high, the pressure to chronically low or too high damage to wheels can produce, all will be displayed in the summer, this is the cause of the motorcycle in the summer easy replacement tires. In fact, as long as you correctly maintain the tire, generally a factory tires, with a 20-30 thousand kilometers, is not what a big problem.