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Do you want to change the motorcycle gear oil?
Release date:2020.11.11

For motorcycles, straddle bike and bending beam car is not required gear oil, only the scooter transmission box need to add a small amount of gear oil.

Gear oil is a kind of high viscosity lubricating oil, specially for the protection of transmission power parts, and ordinary oil is different, high viscosity, and it is generally added extreme pressure (EP) additives and anti-wear additives, to cope with the more stringent lubrication environment.

Many scooter riders are active in oil changes and air filters, but ignore gear oil. Some of the new car when changed, a look out of the oil is very clear, and the new think not to change can also, some forget, there is even really do not know scooter gear oil.

What's the difference between swapping and not swapping? Some people say That I have not changed also did not find the wrong ah! Let me make a comparison between two maintenance cases.


Case 1: This is a car that has cycled for nearly 50,000km. Due to the oil leakage of gearbox, it came to our place for repair.This car is regularly replaced with gear oil, you can look at the transmission box, very clean, no oil, no dirt.The gear shows little wear, indicating good lubrication.

Case 2: During cycling, a scooter is unable to run because its rear wheels are suddenly locked.

After opening the transmission box, inside is this state, let's have a look, rust stains, can't bear to see!There is no change of gear oil for a long time, so that the bearing protection bracket is broken and stuck.

Perhaps the case two the owner of the car a few days ago, for what gear oil ah, I have not changed, not also riding good? But after today, will he still say that? Therefore, in order to your car's health, and your riding safety, please change gear oil regularly.