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Motorbike is a medicine that has a strong dependence on the smell of indestructible rust!
Release date:2020.11.11

What is a motorcycle?

This answer I have asked countless times, is even if the car also want to see the first time whether scratch the little lover, is a motorcycle trip in total partners of life and death, is all the sustenance and pursuit of daily life, is one of me!

But today I say, motorcycle is a kind of medicine!

Its medicinal properties come from the stimulation of speed and passion to the nerve center, which enables the rider to achieve a sense of freedom to release the nature and release the shackles, and relieve the bad physical symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, depression and weakness caused by multifarious and worldly matters, thus making the rider open-minded, free and firm.

Can ask yourself, you ride a motorcycle before and after psychological changes in the body, why there are so many "old knight", at the age of why some people and wordlessly lie on the bed, and some one with hair on the motorcycle Mercedes, why can knight body smell indestructible rust, why do they always have a chat not over friend not drink the wine?

Because a motorcycle is a medicine! It can treat many diseases, and at the same time make us unconsciously addicted to its medicine.

Patients with lumbar and cervical diseases

Treatment: Moto racer mountain

Lumbar and cervical spine diseases are caused by years of sitting and inactivity, and running mountain motorbike is the best treatment. The rider who often runs the mountain, along with the twist of the legs and waist when bending and the coordination of the whole body posture, the movement of the neck when going up and down the hill, makes the limbs reach balance and the joints are released and adjusted, which is more useful than bodybuilding. When you look down at the data feel neck acid, when you sit in the traffic jam in the car and waist pain, I have rushed to the mountain, let the body do a natural SPA.

Autistic anxiety patients

Treatment: Join moyo club

There is no organization more exciting than moyou club, the same brand, the same car together, naturally there are not finished words, drink not finished wine, recognized brothers. Organize a bike ride on the street for two or three days, meet up for a test drive as soon as you can, and have a party for whatever reason. Where do you have time to be anxious and depressed? Join the club, know a lot of friends, desperate to help each other, a word is not love each other to kill, mutual flattery, also laugh at each other, you still a ghost alone!

Emaciated patient

Treatment: Motorcycle taxi

You can't deny that motocross is a muscle-building exercise that especially strengthens your biceps. Often travel, biceps biceps must be very strong, the body is extremely thick, this originated from the travel of travel, the wind and rain, make the body adapt to the erosion of the hostile environment, but like a strong medicine, increase the resistance, practice a pair of poison not invade a good body. Therefore, the body emaciated person, goes out to run two laps more, comes back to know, Lao Tze's body is made of iron.


Paranoid patients

Treatment: Team cycling

There is a problem in the world, how to cure paranoia? Always self-centered, stubborn to the ear can not tolerate any opposition to the voice of doubt, which is a major taboo in the motorcycle team riding. So paranoid patients might as well join the cycling team, the team of cooperation and division of labor, neat and discipline, be sure to let you weaken the sharp outline, now only tolerance and cooperation, in order to survive. Remember in the ride that you are a line, not a point.

Patients with local tyrants

Treatment: Modification

You don't have to burn money to ride a motorcycle? Hehe, joking! If you're a home remodeling enthusiast, it's no exaggeration to say that the value of a house goes down like this, big bull! Change the exhaust today, change the horn suit tomorrow, and install a Wolverine kit the day after tomorrow... I am not afraid you are not rich, but I am afraid you have become addicted to it.

Since a motorcycle is a prescription, a third poison, it also has some side effects:

1. Strong dependence, inseparable from the passion and spiritual needs it brings.

Over time, gay friends are too many.

3. Aging slows down and you don't really know your age.

4, the vitality is too explosive, muscle is too strong.

5. Start believing in soul mates.

So, everyone else went to the hospital to take medicine, see a doctor to cure the body, but we riders use the motorcycle to practice the body! Of course, motorcycle can not cure all diseases, but at least, it can let us in the day after day cycling, in the resistance of wind, rain and lightning, in the mountains of rivers and lakes under immersion, exercise a solid and healthy 100 poison not invade a good body!