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With a budget of 100,000 yuan, which model of motorcycle should I choose?
Release date:2020.11.11

1.Kawasaki Z900 selections, 107900

Most of the knight, just want a simple without too much modification, can commute holiday run mountain car, also can such simple at the time was the fourth generation of Z1000 already can't find it, and in 2016, kawasaki, launched a new generation of Z900, is not to be used to replace the Z1000 but get fans back generation Z1000 initially riding feeling!

Engine: DOHC 16-valve, four-stroke water-cooled inline four-cylinder

Air displacement: 948cc

Maximum horsepower: 92.2 kW (117 horses) / 9,500 RPM

Maximum torque: 98.6nm / 7700 RPM

High: 800 mm

Vehicle weight: 212 kg

2.Honda CBR650R selections, 109800

Although CBR650R is defined as a sports series, the sitting position of streetcar makes it not so radical to drive. CBR650R is not the successor to CBR600RR, but it can be regarded as a new branch in CBR-R system, which balances sports and leisure

Engine type: four-stroke, water-cooled, in-line four-cylinder DOHC

Displacement: 649 cc

Maximum horsepower: 95ps/10950rpm

Maximum torque: 64N·m/8170rpm

High: 810 mm

Wet weight: 208 kg

3.Honda CB650R selections, 105800

Known as "the cheapest four-cylinder retro streetcar", you can buy the Z900 at the same price. The domestic VERSION of the CB650R is still shrinking in power. Even so, it is still hard to find a car.

Engine type: DOHC 16V water cooled four stroke inline four cylinder

Displacement: 649CC

Maximum horsepower: 95ps/12000rpm

Maximum torque: 64N·m/8500rpm

High: 810 mm

Vehicle weight: 203 kg

4.Ducati Monster797 ¥97000

The company's positioning of the new Monster 797 series: "Everything on the 797 is reminiscent of the iconic model of the 1990s, but at the same time has cutting-edge modernity. Various elements, the new Monster 797 embodies all the charm of the traditional name and represents the gateway to the world of Ducati."

Engine type: L - type twin - cylinder air cooled

Exhaust capacity: 803CC

Maximum horsepower: 73HP (54kW) /12000rpm

Maximum torque: 67N·m/8500rpm

High: 805 mm

Vehicle weight: 175 kg


5. Ducady ScramblerIcon ¥99900

3. Mr. Ducati quickly launched an exotic retro climber with an L-type two-cylinder engine aboard an Exotic Bler800 in 2014

Engine type: L - type twin - cylinder air cooled

Exhaust capacity: 803CC

Maximum horsepower: 73HP (54kW) /8,250 RPM

Maximum torque: 67N·m/5,750 RPM

High: 798/778 mm

Vehicle weight: 173 kg

6.Harley 883L SuperLow ¥99800

Some say harleys are expensive if they are not rich, because the average new car costs hundreds of thousands. But the price of the 883 is so modest that owning a new Harley is not as difficult as you might think

Engine type: V-type double cylinder air-cooled

Discharge capacity: 883CC

Maximum horsepower: 50hp/5050rpm

Maximum torque: 68.6N·m/4500rpm

High: 705 mm

Vehicle weight: 258 kg

7.BMW F750GS from ¥109,900

BMW F750GS should be regarded as the entry model of GS series (except G310GS). GS series has always been the benchmark model of global rally motorcycles. It is not the strongest but certainly the most representative and the most imitated rally motorcycle

Engine type: in-line double cylinder water cooling

Discharge capacity: 853CC

Maximum horsepower: 77HP (55KW) /7500rpm

Maximum torque: 83N·m/6000rpm

High: 790 mm

Vehicle weight: 227 kg

8.Yamaha MT-07 ¥109800

As a newly introduced domestic model, although its configuration is lower than that of MT-09 in all aspects, it is a very suitable model for novices, no matter the cost, wheelbase, shape, power, handling and even seat height, it is the first choice for novices

Engine type: water - cooled four stroke parallel double cylinder DOHC

Displacement: 689CC

Maximum horsepower: 74ps / 8500rpm

Maximum torque: 67.6nm / 6500rpm

High: 805 mm

Equipment weight: 183kg

9.Suzuki V-strom 650 ¥95,800

Multi-function car market, there are many cyclists have been support of be fond of, as long as ridden a knights of this type of models, all of the flexible body, and the hanging very comfortable feeling, and V - 650 xt Strom, of course, also can bring the experience, but a different V - storms 650 xt USES V type double cylinder double spark plug ignition, so dynamic linear ascension much earlier, has more momentum

Engine type: V-type double cylinder water cooled

Displacement: 645cc

Maximum horsepower: 69HP / 8800rpm

Maximum torque: 61Nm / 6500rpm

High: 835 mm

Equipment weight: 213kg