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How many kilometers does the motorcycle usually change oil?
Release date:2020.11.04

Motorcycle oil change is the most basic maintenance project, because it will directly affect the use of the vehicle state, so it is affected by the attention of drivers, but different models, use different lubricating oil, the replacement cycle will be different, so the motorcycle oil change cycle cannot treat as the same, also should be combined with the actual situation to distinguish to treat.

By conventional pathway we introduces the car as reference object, first of all, this kind of model the running-in period, about 500 km will need to replace lubricating oil for the first time, recommend the use of mineral oil and running-in period, so as not to cause waste easily, and it the second oil change mileage should keep at 1000 km, the third in the 2000 km, 3000 km, for the fourth time for the fifth time is even with mineral lubricating oil change cycle can be extended to every 2000 km, if use total synthesis can be extended to every 4000 km, 5000 km.

But the premise condition of such replacement is that the vehicle should be often used, basically every day to move, if not also need to consider the time to add, the principle of the first half of the year need to change the oil. The above operation is suitable for most, small and medium displacement low speed engines, except for the special provisions in the manual.


For some medium and large displacement models, the oil replacement standard mentioned above is not so suitable. For such models, the first protection is basically completed around 2000km, and the lubricating oil is replaced every 5000km -- 10000km, and the addition time also needs to be taken into account. Basically, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced every half year. The main reason for the longer maintenance cycle of these models is that they use higher levels of lubricants and are of better quality, so the corresponding maintenance cycle is longer.

To sum up, how long the motorcycle oil changing, vehicle different use of oil quality will have differences, but as long as the reference vehicle maintenance manual, in combination with the practical usage of the vehicle, you can get a relatively accurate standard, so can not only meet the demand of vehicle maintenance, also won't cause waste, will not delay the normal maintenance of vehicle.