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Motorcycle not afraid to ride afraid to put, put how long it will hurt the car?
Release date:2020.11.04

Motorcycles are not afraid to ride, but afraid to put, in terms of daily walking motorcycles, the average daily cycling of 20 or 30 kilometers motorcycle is the most durable, this is because every day riding 20 or 30 kilometers, the motorcycle should be charged, lubrication, friction are basically done. Running a lot of roads every day, of course, is prone to excessive wear and aging, on the contrary, often do not ride or ride too little, will also make some parts of the motorcycle deterioration, put for a long time not to ride is very bad for the motorcycle, then put how long to begin to harm the motorcycle? Small make up today to give you an analysis.

1. Battery;

Motorcycle riding too little or placed for a long time do not ride, the most injured parts of the preferred battery. Because the battery is lead acid chemical power; Although the number of times to start the motorcycle up to tens of thousands of times, but its complete charge and discharge service life only about 300 times, and serious loss of electricity will accelerate the battery life shorten.

The motorcycle does not ride, but it does not mean that the motorcycle battery does not work, such as the theft system of all kinds of sensors, as well as static current will continue to consume; A good, high-capacity battery will last only about 20 days and get a fire, but a battery that lasts two or three years will last for more than 10 days. Therefore, if the storage time exceeds this standard, it is recommended to charge for 2 hours every half a month; If there is no charging conditions can be full battery after discharging the battery cathode, there is no other good way.

2. Brake block;

Whether disc brake or hub brake, brake is through friction brake, if the motorcycle is not used for a long time, the brake disc or hub is easy to rust, such as the next use, easy to cause brake block acceleration wear, and abnormal sound.


3. Various cables;

If frequently used for a period of time, and long-term parking for a period of time, such use of the motorcycle most damage cable line, because the cable is easy to rust, resulting in the use of stuck, bring a series of consequences, such as clutch clutch not complete, brake failure, to this extent, must be replaced.

4. Tires;

If you do not ride a motorcycle for a long time, the motorcycle had better support, let the tire off the ground, especially the wet ground, because the tire pressure on the wet ground, more likely to produce contact with the surface of the tire aging, so that the motorcycle tire deformation, the possibility of foaming.

5. Lubricating oil;

Long-term do not ride motorcycle, oil is not bad, but, experienced the motorcycle placed more than a year, the engine oil has the possibility of emulsification, also must be replaced. Gear oil that has been in place for more than a year must also be replaced because it produces wax.

6. Engine cylinder block;

Long-term placed more than a year of motorcycle, the valve if just in an open position, the air into the cylinder block easily, also easy to rust on cylinder body, so the long-term placement of motorcycle, best to get off the spark plug, add a few drops of oil into, and then pressed a few empty engine, let oil evenly over the surface of the cylinder block, in order to achieve antirust function.

7. Fuel tank;

Some people say, well, how does that make a difference to the tank? Actually, motorcycle fuel tank in more or less contain impurities such as water, heavier than oil, and water will sink in the bottom of the tank, at ordinary times often ride, shaking drops of water in the tank, it is not easy to make the fuel tank rust, if you don't ride for a long time, water droplets deposited a part at the bottom of the tank, it will rust, even through fuel tank rust, and, of course, this requires a long time will rust, at least a few years.

8. Circuit system;

Motorcycle placed for a long time, the contact point of the circuit system is prone to rust, resulting in poor contact. Of course, the most disturbing is that there will be rats in the motorcycle home, so, your motorcycle circuit is bad!