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How to change motorcycle oil by yourself?
Release date:2020.11.04

About the motorcycle maintenance this matter, many people will choose in the shop maintenance, after all, now can give the motorcycle maintenance of the shop everywhere. But some people choose to buy oil online and do it by themselves. Although they just change the oil for their car, it is full of a sense of accomplishment.

In today's episode, this little sister teaches you how to change the oil in your motorcycle by yourself.

Firstly, prepare a plastic bag and a paper box to collect the waste oil. In addition, waste oil belongs to the solid hazardous waste labeled by the country. It is recommended to put it in a bottle and give it to the car repair shop or tire shop.

Prepare proper oil and filter. Refer to motorcycle manual for oil label.

Prepare the appropriate pan wrench and oil filter wrench

All right, when we've got all these things ready, we can start.

  1. Unscrew oil pan screws with the corresponding spanner, and catch waste oil in a paper box or other container wrapped in a plastic bag.

  2.  Let it sit for about five minutes, then empty the old oil. The little sister in the video did not change the filter. In fact, according to the standard, the filter should be changed every time the oil is changed to avoid the residue in the old filter eroding the engine. When installing a new filter, remember to add oil to the new filter and apply a layer of oil on the sealing ring to make the engine get better lubrication effect.

  3. Torque wrenches should not be placed everywhere in ordinary momo's home, so tighten the         oil pan screws, but not too hard. Add the new oil from the oil injector. The amount of oil is           also different depending on the model. The amount of oil is clearly marked on the engine.

   4. After filling the engine oil and straightening the car, start the engine. Observe the oil window  to see if the oil is in a moderate position.

   5, the top of the engine oil screw, and you are done. How's that? Isn't that very simple