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Zero tariff between China and Japan, can you buy a motorcycle cheaply?
Release date:2020.11.17

We "workers" can afford a motorcycle!

A statement on the website of the Ministry of Finance yesterday said that on November 15, 2020, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was formally signed. What is this agreement? What does it have to do with our motorcycles? Look down!

RCEP members include the 10 ASEAN countries and China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Under the RCEP agreement, trade in goods is liberalized, and tariff reduction among member countries is mainly based on the commitment of zero tariff reduction and zero tariff reduction within ten years. China and Japan have reached a bilateral tariff reduction arrangement for the first time, making a historic breakthrough.


In a word, it means that we buy foreign things cheaper and cheaper, and countries cooperate with each other for mutual benefit and win-win results. We don't talk about politics. The best thing for us is that the price of motorcycles must be reduced. However, we should not be too optimistic. The agreement says that tariffs are only promised to be zero within a decade, and that motorcycles are subject to excise duty and value-added tax, both of which are high

Japan's four big factories in the hearts of our car friends, occupy a very large position, of course, the price has been high, often used to ridicule, the price is really "Honda"... Now that the agreement has been announced, we are waiting for the country to actually implement it and translate it into the daily life of our people as soon as possible