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What makes vintage motorcycles special?
Release date:2020.11.17

Did you find out?

We rarely see vintage cars in our lives, but vintage motorcycles are popping up all the time.

As efficiency is the priority in modern society, many classic classic car designs are eliminated with technological progress and development, while other parts become local features and are integrated into the brand culture. However, due to strict domestic laws and regulations, many classic cars can only be seen in museums.

But motorcycles are different. Classic motorcycle elements have never disappeared, presenting the classic elements of the last century with modern technology, which is one of the reasons why vintage motorcycles are so fascinating.

Domestic retro new forces

The romantic genes inherent in motorcycles blend with the historical feelings of retro symbols, giving new meaning to the cold metal.

As a British style of kelon's new Korean 70 anniversary edition RE3, this year is the 70th anniversary of the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, we are supposed to honour the martyrs, to remember history, therefore, kelon is edition RE3 make exclusive mark decals, and exclusive "gasoline green color", to the s salute soldiers fought for their country.

Now let's have a look. What is The experience of art youth Aji for the unique RE3 in the domestic vintage car?

Big boy retro

A ji is a little silent big boy, he loves old cars, driving for 6 years, talking about why he likes vintage cars, he said, because there are stories and memories in it.

As the designer of yunxi Shahua, a new Chinese clothing brand, he has his own understanding of fashion.

"A lot of people say that fashion is a circle, and it makes sense because classic designs come back to you in unexpected ways, but what I want to do is to pass on and keep our own classics."

Of course, this required constant learning, so he went to great lengths to get to know and get in touch with classic costume designs from all over the world. This process also led him to find that the Same British people can enjoy riding vintage cars, but they can make themselves quite formal. Create a sense of ritual and refinement for life.

In keeping with his quest for a retro lifestyle, Agee also regards the commemorative Secron RE3 as his own.

Because as with few at home and a British style restoring ancient ways design car, kelon RE3 taste is very authentic, one reason is that he was in the classic British car restoring ancient ways, most take the form of engine or inline duplex such classic, unique rhythm and exhaust noise, made him popular s in thinking back to that rock and roll.


He likes the mechanical sense of pure nudity. Whether it is cafe or zero style, he has reasons to appreciate it. For the RE3, he thinks that this car is not only attractive externally, but also approachable in driving.

From the comfortable sitting position to the full torque of the TC380 two-cylinder water-cooled engine, he can enjoy the pleasure of riding the motorcycle without any worries.

Amateur life A Ji likes to see "Chungking Express" such literary old port film, he has been memorized a classic line.

"It doesn't mean anything to know a person. People change. One day he likes pineapples, the next he can like something else."

But he didn't want to change himself. He wanted to ride to the beach and watch the spray on the wheels of the car, as he had done when he was 18.

Ride back to the beginning

To return to the original question, why is riding a vintage bike special?

Anywhere you can go on a vintage bike, you can go on any bike.

But as a way of life, the unique retro culture is difficult to reproduce.

When you're willing to take the time to create ritual for a momentary mood, you've learned to take your life seriously.