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Do you need the same tires for the front and rear of the motorcycle?
Release date:2020.11.17

The front and rear tires of motorcycles are different from cars, so its model and pattern are completely different, and the main reason for this difference is directly related to the role of the front and rear tires.

1. Main role: Although motorcycle tires mainly play the role of support and buffer, the division of labor between front and rear tires is very clear, the rear tire is used to drive, while the front wheel is used to guide, so the pattern of front and rear wheels will be quite different. (except special models)

The same because of the role of the tire is different, so the rear wheel grip must be better than the front tire, in the same quality and pattern under the premise, the only way to improve the tire grip, is to increase the contact area, so after the tire its tread will be wider than the front tire.

But the tread is too wide will increase the driving resistance, will also affect the turning effect, and for the front wheel, under the premise of ensuring the basic grip, its contact area is smaller the better, the tire pattern is smaller the better, so not only can improve the vehicle's handling performance, but also can reduce the driving resistance.


2. Through performance, on the premise of not changing the frame structure, changing the tire size is the best way to improve the vehicle passing performance. Therefore, while ensuring riding comfort, larger diameters will be adopted for the front tires of motorcycles, especially for motorcycles with high requirements for off-road performance, this design will be adopted.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the front and rear tires of motorcycles have obvious differences in function, so the front and rear tires do not have to be exactly the same, nor can they be. (Except for some models such as small pedals)

So tires or upgrade tires, be sure to follow the design standards of motorcycles as far as possible to keep the original before and after the difference of the tire, otherwise the vehicle's handling, comfort, fuel consumption will change, if change before and after the tire model or pattern, virtually will change the performance of the vehicle should be, so the maintenance and replacement of the tire must should be carried out in accordance with the original standard.