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Novice buy a motorcycle, four bogey!
Release date:2020.11.17

Avoid relying too much on evaluation, it just like you never drink wine, and then drink live every day to see someone doing, keeping the original, the soft continous, entrance, all the fanfare, then you believe, just bought ready to open a dry wine, and then found that the MD is not the case, what maotai-flavor, soft continous, Lao tze bite almost choked to death...

As a new person, if you don't have a good understanding of your own scene conditions, you can refer to it. If you believe in yourself without brain, it will be a trap for you

By contrast, the shape and the brand is the reason you can simply choose the right car, and then match it with your own personal experience, which should be a more appropriate experience

Avoid transition tangled performance, buying a car is not to buy performance, how also taboo performance? Remember when you needed a laptop? What do you think of before you buy is CPU, memory, motherboard, what evaluation score, after you bought every day to take the computer to listen to music, watch movies, brush micro blog, until the computer is replaced by mobile phone, 50% of the performance did not let you use, even 2 T hard disk and 1.5T has not been reclaimed


Motorcycle, for a beginner, focus should be more comprehensive, if is a beginner, I don't struggle too much, on the performance and then see more on brand, appearance, service, sitting height or inappropriate, do manual work is not careful, gear is clear and the brake not working, sitting position can not accept, as to how fast, how much horsepower, torque is the same level, the largest of these and your relationship is really not too big, the relationship between money and big

Avoid is over budget, budget that there is no size, you will find that add a budget of 30000 universal buy more large displacement, better configuration of car, this kind of circumstance, your budget will encounter thousands of time, so as long as you determine a budget, look up will be better, so the best way is to adjust the mentality, to do things by ability, don't over budget, after all is a person to happy to ride a bike, don't exceed the budget when the time comes to kidnapped by a car

Avoid is showed, was also sell cars, why the Internet is good and cheap why salted fish used car is cheaper than the other used car dealership sells thousands, thrifty at this moment, you think that Lao tze money also is not strong winds blowing, of course, choose the cheap, car only to find that home, procedure, maintenance problems, all sorts of trouble waiting for you to solve the problem, waiting for you to fix these problems, found't save much money, labor costs also put in a lot of time, so when you don't understand, rather than looking for larger companies spend hundreds of dollars, as far as possible don't map petty gain