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Release date:2020.11.26

Waiting for the integration of students working group

18 years old only the ordinary heavy locomotive driver's license, use after school time, deposit a sum of money to start a car gear to enjoy the freedom and fun of riding, but helpless work salary is not allow you to spend money on a car, people still has a price on the market and do not break fun white brand vehicles, we recommend SUZUKI GSX - R150 as your good partner!


· Suggested selling price: NT $128,000

· Engine type & Exhaust capacity: four-stroke water-cooled DOHC 4V single cylinder, 147.3C.c.

· Maximum horsepower: 19.2 ps / 10,500 RPM

· Maximum torque: 14.0 Nm / 9,000 RPM

· Front suspension: 33mm straight and vertical front fork

· Rear suspension: SHOWA middle mounted single gun shock absorber with multiple connecting rods

· Equipment weight: 136 kg

Wheelbase: 1,300 mm

· Height: 785mm


128000 affordable price can buy 19.2 ps DOHC water-cooled engines, in addition is also equipped with rear multi-link, KEYLESS practical equipped with, such as 136 kg lightsome bodywork and 785 mm populist and SUZUKI, high fluid locomotive general agent, let small GSX - R150 aru warranty not only convenient, price cheap parts, and 48.6 km/L amazing fuel consumption performance, enjoy cycling at the same time it can instruct workers thin pouch.

A green hand is a green hand

For social fresh people just graduated into the workplace, in addition to the society to learn to adapt to their own work, also began to burden its own overhead, a month after deducting expenses basic living, free to use margin usually is not much, but a commuter entertainment yellow models can still afford to, we recommend that HONDA CB300R fresh people to the fledgling!


· Suggested selling price: NT $232,000

· Engine type & Exhaust capacity: four-stroke water-cooled DOHC 4V single cylinder, 286 C.C.

· Maximum horsepower: 30.5 ps / 8,500 RPM

· Maximum torque: 27.4 Nm / 6,500 RPM

· Front suspension: 41mm inverted front fork

· Rear suspension: adjustable center single gun shock absorber

· Equipment weight: 145kg

· Wheelbase: 1,352 mm

· Seat height: 800 mm

Entry work more or less makes you feel tired, just want to easily ride after work every day on their car home, and part of a streetcar named we recommend CB300R, Neo Sport Cafe appearance design let CB300R present modern and retro feeling at the same time, equipped with a 41 mm inverted fork and NISSIN radiation for four piston callipers, effectively guarantee the stability of the brake and braking ability, high contrast LCD display instrument can grasp when driving the vehicle information at any time. Add in good gas mileage and you can make your commute a little less expensive. Be a modern coffee knight when you get off work.

Keep moving forward with small achievements

After a period of time from the novice career life, gradually after the company to fit all kinds of business, not only routine stability, salary also slightly ascending, saved a few years later also have little savings, let you have more interpreta dream space, it can choose at this moment than just how many at the time of the society, tires and maintenance cost of large juki will also be able to afford, we recommend that you only four cylinder within the 400000 street run HONDA CBR650R.


· Suggested selling price: NT $398,000 (excluding LICENSED)

· Engine type & Exhaust capacity: four-stroke water-cooled inline four-cylinder DOHC, 649 C.C.

· Maximum horsepower: 76.1ps / 9,000 RPM

· Maximum torque: 59.8N-m/ 8,000 RPM

· Front suspension: 41mm SHOWA SFF USD inverted front fork, stroke 120mm

· Rear suspension: pre-loaded adjustable single gun shock absorber with a stroke of 128mm

· Equipment weight: 208kg

Wheelbase: 1,450mm

· Height: 810mm

Cbr-r comes from HONDA family's cBR-F series. This CBR650R is equipped with 41mm SHOWA upside-down fork and sliding clutch under sharp lines. CBR650R achieves a fairly good balance between performance and comfort, with excellent 20.8km/L test fuel consumption, and is the only four-cylinder car within 400,000. It is a car model that will not bring too much pressure either in use or in economy. It is very suitable for white-collar workers who have some savings, as a symbol of your success and steady steps!

A tower of strength, a small director

Stay in the company also has a period of time, seniority is more than ten years the company's elite, the spirit of hard work to let you be promoted to management, salary increases to a certain extent, also saving every month is deducted outside also have a budget to achieve self, and can choose the type also more diversified, red excluding more luxury models mentioned above can be a burden, single cylinder to four cylinder also can choose according to individual be fond of, for this stage we recommend YAMAHA TMAX Tech MAX as you act as the backbone of the colt love!


· Suggested selling price: NT $550,000

· Engine type & Exhaust capacity: water cooled four-stroke parallel dual cylinder DOHC 562 C.C.

· Maximum horsepower: 47.6ps / 7,500 RPM

· Maximum torque: 55.9Nm / 5,250 RPM

· Front suspension: 41mm inverted front fork

· Rear suspension: multi-link mid-mounted shock absorber

· Equipment weight: 218kg

· Wheelbase: 1,575mm

· Height: 800mm

As a supervisor, choose a composed of duplex goat is perhaps the most appropriate choice, CVT no period of variable speed and big spacious cushion design, standard on cruise control, electric goggles, heating or hand close with, embodies the social personage personality of your steadfast, but your heart know oneself still continued to sprint, like TMAX Tech MAX is different from general motion appearance and properties of goat, maximum horse-power 47.6 ps collocation balanced suspension set-up, before and after is definitely able to accompany you in life is to continue to sprint on the battlefield and reliable partner!

Executive decision maker

Struggle for more than ten years have, experience complete is thoroughly at home in your job from the competent decision-making role also promoted to a higher position, salary, of course, also with a rising tide lifts all boats, while the company also has more responsibility and pressure, but at that time you can finally buy a youthful dream models, in the gate's family home with his wife again and again after the "asking", finally able to buy their own goal in life, a circle at the beginning of sports car is a dream! I choose to buy a BMW S1000RR to prove my hard work on the road of life and my social and economic status, and I can spend more time enjoying cycling.

BMW S1000RR.

· Reference price: NT $1,438,000

· Engine type & exhaust capacity: parallel four-cylinder 999 C.C.

· Maximum horsepower: 209 ps / 13,500 RPM

· Maximum torque: 113 Nm / 10,500 RPM

· Front suspension: 45mm electronic dynamic damping inverted fork, fully adjustable

· Rear suspension: electronic single gun multi-link bottle suspension, fully adjustable

· Equipment weight: 197 kg

· Wheelbase: 1,441 mm

· Height: 824mm

Equipped with BMW's exclusive engine technology "ShiftCam" variable valve head system, the S1000RR has excellent power curve from low to high rotation. The front suspension adopts the only inverted fork of 45mm in the same class, and the front and rear suspension adopts the unique DDC dynamic electronic damping system of BMW. Electric control includes four power modes, curve ABS, track control, solitary wheel suppression and slope assistance systems. You can always put these models as a young zero zero total general specification easily back out, until now you have a dream, like memories were those nouns, as the complete listing of life you mood uncontrollably excited, but because of the social experience are you from, you just feel happy and delighted, from the bottom of a faint smile, you ride your dreams to continue to move forward in the life on the road.