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19800! Young people's motorcycle pull car, disc brake with ABS!
Release date:2020.11.26

Small displacement tension car has become the first choice of modern people, after all, with excellent appearance and relatively good power performance, it can meet the young people just or soon to be introduced to the expectation of the tension journey. Today we are going to introduce a rally car that is very suitable for entry level racers -- the Benali Jinpeng TRK251, with an official price of 19,800.

Excellent appearance design

Benali Jinpeng has an excellent design that can be compared with the large displacement rally motorcycle, and the style is definitely a consistent family style. Sharp beak, high windshield, and large anti - fall bar, and the body spray is full of combat. The headlights are LED, with a LCD dashboard, and a USB charging port to keep the electronics charged during the ride.


High body ratio

The length, width and height of Benali Jinpeng body are 2170*890*1360mm and the wheelbase is 1380mm respectively. The seat height is a staggering 800mm, but it's relatively normal on a pullman. The minimum ground clearance is also 180mm high, so it can pass through most roads. Steel tube braided frame stability is very good, the reconditioning mass up to 200kg. The cushion is very comfortable and the back seat is a little tight, but the rear handrail design is relatively safe.

Strong power output

The core power of Benali Jinpeng comes from a single cylinder water-cooled four-stroke engine with the actual displacement of 249.2cc, which matches the electronic injection system and meets the national fourth emission standard. The engine has a maximum power of 20kW and a maximum torque of 20.5nm. With a 17L fuel tank, the range can be maintained above 450km.

Mainstream configuration accessories

Benali Jinpeng braking system adopts the high specification front single disc matching four piston calipers back single disc matching single plug card and auxiliary ABS anti-lock system. The shock absorber system adopts the front inverted double reduction after the middle single reduction, the front can not be adjusted after adjustable. The front and rear are 17 inch vacuum tires with very good grip. At the same time also standard with the original factory three boxes, for the long distance motorcycle travel car friends, very affordable and convenient.