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Rainfall cooling mode has been started. How to travel safely?
Release date:2020.11.26

It's been a magical warm winter lately

It was late November

It was 30 degrees at noon

Set a record for the same period


The winter is as warm as spring

So that's it


Will be a "bluff" cooling

Make sure you put on more clothes to keep warm

Especially in recent days continuous autumn rain

It also makes the friends who love to play the car feel a lot of inconvenience

The rainy weather is coming

What safety issues should we pay attention to when traveling?

Thunderstorm weather what safety driving details to pay attention to

Control the driving speed to prevent sideslip

The road is wet and slippery in rainy days, when the vehicle runs too fast or stops in an emergency, it is easy for the vehicle to slip sideways. Why do you slip easily on rainy days? Today we're going to talk about -- what's that pattern on a motorcycle tire?

Must have a small partner is to increase the motorcycle force, this is not true, especially for road tires, the pattern is more important role is drainage, is when the tire pressure water mark, water can be timely discharged from the pattern inside, let the tire and ground compaction, in order to maintain friction.

When the speed is too fast, the water will not have time to discharge from the pattern, will form a water film between the tire and the ground, so that the tire and the ground are out of contact, resulting in the loss of friction, the "water slide" phenomenon.

You can imagine what would happen if there were no friction. Therefore, driving speed should be reduced in rainy days. When driving in urban areas, low speed should be used as far as possible, and the speed should not exceed 40km/h. When driving on out-of-town roads, the speed should be controlled within 60~80km/h.


Maintain a safe distance

The safe distance of driving on rainy days is more than 3 times of the safe distance under normal circumstances, especially for motorcycle riders, when the helmet is caught in the rain, the line of sight is not the same as usual, can not see the road, more should keep a safe distance with the car in front, especially don't follow the big truck. In addition, also pay attention to keep a crosswise distance with the left and right vehicles, unless the car in front is particularly abrasive, it is not recommended to overtake in the rain.

Avoid driving on waterlogged roads

Driving in the rain, try to avoid water depressions, culverts, overpass below sections, such as large water if you must, you should stop to observe water depth, when the car drove past don't blindly wading, even if the city road, water pools also want to avoid as far as possible, because you don't know if there is a not the drains of the cover, if you don't fine observation, it may cause the vehicle rollover, themselves into a drowned rat.