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Electric jet motorcycle fuel consumption is low, the engine precise control fuel injection amount is how to achieve?
Release date:2020.12.02

One of the most critical elements of an ECFS is how to pump the right amount of fuel at the right time to keep the engine running.

Generally, the fuel injection quantity control form of ecFS is as follows: [fuel injection duration signal = basic fuel injection duration × fuel injection correction factor + voltage correction value].

The basic fuel injection duration varies with air flow and engine speed. The fuel injection control system modifies the injector in the following ways:

(1) Fuel quantity correction after starting

When the engine starts cold, the cylinder temperature is low, and the fuel is not vaporized well, so the injection quantity needs to be increased. If the engine temperature sensor of the car does not work well, feedback the wrong signal, resulting in too little fuel injection, it may lead to the cold car is not good to start.


(2) Heating fuel quantity correction

After the successful start of the engine cooling machine, the temperature in the cylinder is still low, in order to make the engine quickly reach the working state, should provide a thicker mixture.

(3) Air inlet temperature correction

As the engine speeds up, the intake temperature rises and the density of the air decreases. Without correction, the mixture becomes thicker. Therefore, the intake temperature should be corrected.

(4) Power correction

When the motorcycle is running at a high speed, the engine is running under heavy load. The ECU computer will judge the engine's load condition according to the throttle opening or the amount of air intake, and adjust the amount of fuel injection timely.

(5) Fuel quantity correction during deceleration

When the motorcycle slows down, the vacuum degree of intake pipe increases, and the mixture will become thicker, which needs to be corrected to reduce the amount of fuel.

(6) Fuel quantity correction during acceleration

When the motorcycle accelerates, the throttle quickly opens, the air volume increases, and at the same time, the vacuum degree of the engine inlet pipe decreases, so that the fuel evaporation rate slows down, and the mixture becomes thinner. At this time, the engine is in need of a thicker mixture to produce a larger power, so it needs to increase the amount of fuel.

The ECU computer determines the acceleration and calculates the fuel correction factor based on the rate of change in throttle opening or air flow and engine speed. In the case of rapid acceleration, the ECU computer will instruct an asynchronous injection to replenish the fuel supply.