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What's in store for 2021?
Release date:2020.12.08

2020 May be an unusual year, but the major motorcycle manufacturers are still busy, so what new cars are we likely to see in 2021?

1. Yamaha YZF-R25M

When Kawasaki launched the ZX-25R, it immediately pushed the four-cylinder 250 to a climax. Therefore, Yamaha also started to make a secret push. According to foreign media reports, maybe we will soon see the Yamaha YZF-R25M compete with the ZX-25R?

2, Haley Custom 1250


Harley was reshuffled in 2020, and Bronx was canceled or redone. Today, the Custom 1250,1250 Custom 1250 represents the 1250cc Revolution's water-cooled engine.

3. Tuono 660, Apulia

Last year, RS660 and Tuono 660 appeared around the same time. RS 660 has been confirmed to be released at the end of 2020, so will you see the mass production version of Tuono 660 in 2021?

4. Honda CRF1100L

According to Japanese media, Honda is now working on a sports wagon with a new 1084CC two-cylinder engine. The designer borrowed the look of the NC750X, pictured above.

5. Kawasaki KLR

Many had high hopes for the KLR when Kawasaki launched six new models in November. But on The 23rd, there ended up being only two KLX300s, and Kawasaki says it will launch two more in January 2021. Will there be the KLR700 we've been waiting for?

6. Speed Triple triumphal

The spy photo looks like the new Triumphal Speed Triple, which will likely have a larger 1160CC engine, with obvious changes to the frame and exhaust, but with the iconic frog eye, the new Speed Triple 1160 will carry the flag of the Triumphal Super Streetcar.