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Does China still need motorcycles?
Release date:2020.12.08

The post-80s generation are beginning to face midlife crisis. The post-90s generation also began to enter the contradictory period of family career. Who wants to ride a motorcycle?

Before answering this question, we can look at the situation abroad. In the past decade, foreign countries have experienced far more serious economic difficulties than ours. The wealth is in the hands of older people, and young people have no money and no easy job. As adults, western parents are much less likely to give their children substantial financial support. This has led to a dramatic ageing of the motorbike-playing population abroad.

The average age of motorcycle buyers has risen in all parts of the western world except Brazil's Bombax. Indirectly, the Western world is also beginning to experience a rapid decline in young people's ability to consume on their own. However, those middle-aged people over the age of 40, who have experienced rapid economic development, have become the largest consumer group of motorcycles.


On the other hand, the main social group at the peak of China's economic development has gradually entered the stage of aging. The post-80s are the main social and economic group, but they are facing the worldwide economic weakness. The post-1990 generation is in a period of conflict between family and career. Who else would like to ride a motorcycle?

In fact, whether it's the post-90s, or the post-80s, or even the post-70s. In recent years more and more people have begun to accept motorbikes. The horizon sports car flooding on taobao is the youth of catch up with after 1990 under the meager economic strength. The popularity of retrofitting and assembling retrofitting locomotives in China is a pursuit of life sentiment for the post-80s generation, which has not completely reached the peak of life yet. With the booming development of Harley and all kinds of big trade locomotive markets, the post-1970s generation has become the main force of high-end locomotive consumption. Beyond that, the second generation has never been the scope of this article, because you have downloaded all kinds of ungodly plug-ins since you were born, so please feel free to do anything.

I think, all along, some people have been forced to take the economic benefits of two rounds, while others have been enjoying the wind and freedom of two rounds. No matter the helplessness of life or the heartfelt choice, China still needs motorcycles! Like, there will always be people riding on the road.