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How to turn the motorcycle daily riding?
Release date:2020.12.02

Knee - and elbow-grinding helmets are no mystery, as long as you know the right standard way to bend. But even if you really want to do this kind of intense driving, start with the basics.

Come on, cut the crap.

Start by reviewing your sitting position, because it's pretty much fixed any time you ride a bike. For example, a car on the need to feet in the eight, the front foot on both sides of the foot, toe close to the car, the legs clamped fuel tank; The core supports the body, the back is bent, the eyes are parallel to the ground, the shoulders are completely relaxed, the elbows are down naturally, and both hands hold the handlebars with a half-clenched fist.

So you have to ask, since the core above is not very hard, how can the car turn?

First of all, it's important to make it clear that any two-wheeled vehicle doesn't have to turn or fight the handlebars or the steering wheel as hard as a car or a Bombardier. During non-aggressive or stunt driving, the car must naturally change its weight.

If you think back to when we were kids riding bikes, did you feel the most handsome when you just dropped your hands and didn't hold on to the handlebars? When I was a kid riding home from school, I could ride from start to finish without touching the handlebars with my hands, and turn completely by shifting my weight. This indirectly explains the fact that the steering of a two-wheeled vehicle is done autonomously by changing the vehicle's overall center of gravity, without touching the handlebars at all.

A bike can do this easily, just because it's light, and a motorcycle can steer by the same principle, but because of its own mass, it doesn't lean sideways as we do on a bike.

Therefore, our daily motorcycle steering should be completed in this way, let's take the right turning as an example (I will say the range of movement is a little bit larger, specific circumstances, please practice more and more perception, it is better to find a professional driving training institutions one-to-one teaching) :


1. The legs should be clamped tightly on the body, the core should support the body, and the core should be relaxed as much as possible;

2. Look at the route into the turn, the left leg hanging car, the body like the right side mirror direction translation out of the body, the right foot naturally need to force down on the right foot;

3. Please make sure your eyes are as parallel as possible to the ground, not tilted. Because if the vision is not parallel you have no sense of distance, about the topic of sight or a new article to talk about;

4. Don't take the initiative to arm-knob, let the car naturally turn;

5. Steady throttle open oil, if the speed is relatively fast, do not emergency to pinch the front brake or suddenly down gear, you can take some after the brake (I have previously talked about the rear brake article, you can refer to) of course through the speed difference to emergency avoidance is also a knowledge.

Practice this kind of turning way basically can satisfy the daily driving operation of the vast majority of situations.