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The top four things to worry about in Motorcycle travel
Release date:2020.12.16

Have you ever been worried that you might encounter some minor problems before your trip? These points we do advance strategy, early know early guard.

1. Worry about passing through the Forbidden City

According to incomplete statistics, there are about 63 cities in China that are forbidden to ride motorcycles, which makes it inevitable that we will stumble into the Forbidden City during our daily travel. Then, as we all know, once entering a Forbidden City, the traffic police will deduct 3 points and punish 500 points, or the traffic police will tow away the car on the spot.

In fact, although motorcycle taxi is banned in some cities, the policy is relaxed for everyone. After entering the APP of local traffic police, you can enter the city in the entry window and fill in the purpose of entering the city after registration. You can enter the city on the same day after filing. But you can only apply once a month!


2, worry about the car temporarily broken down

What if your car breaks down in a sparsely populated area? This is a serious problem! It's one of my biggest worries as well as everyone else's.

First of all, be sure to take some simple common tools, set aside emergency contact phone number, form a good habit to check the car condition every day before starting, if they try to solve the problem, call and wait for someone to rescue, cart or road car pay someone to tow the car.

3, it rains

Let's start with everything waterproof cycling clothes waterproof cycling pants, gloves, boots. For long distance motorcycle trips, it is recommended to buy a little waterproof equipment, once the water wet body will be very uncomfortable.

And slippery road is also the culprit of accidents, if the rain is too big line of sight is not good advice as soon as possible to find a place to shelter from the rain, such as rain or stop before moving on.

4, night driving, each other to the car not far light

Many car drivers are not very good quality, often used to open far light, sometimes remind or even ignore, then the line of sight will become very poor, serious will lead to the temporary blindness of the eye. Reflective vests should be worn and reflective strips should be affixed to vehicles to prevent accidents.