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How many tips do you know about motorcycle maintenance?
Release date:2020.12.29

Generally, people who like to ride motorcycles cherish their cars very much. Reasonable maintenance and use methods are particularly important, which is related to the whole condition and service life of the car. Here are a few tips for new motorcycle riders.

1. The period

Wear period of motorcycle is a very critical period, in the new bought motorcycle before the running-in of 1500 km is very important, this stage is not recommended to use the motorcycle full load, the speed of each gear try not to exceed the limit of this gear, so as to improve the life of the motorcycle.

2. The preheating

Preheat. When riding a motorcycle in summer, the general preheating 1 minute or so, 3 minutes in winter is better, so can have a certain protective effect on each part of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle preheating, should with the idle or small throttle low rotating speed, heat can cooperate with the throttle and the accelerator to keep running preheating, preheating time also shoulds not be too long, when the engine throttle after a bit of a temperature can also pull the first point (to prevent stalling) running at low speed slowly first for a while, on the way according to the condition of engine running stable gradually full throttle back to normal. Do not throttle the car during the warm-up, that will increase the engine wear and may even cause serious failure.


3. Clean

When riding a motorcycle, please pay attention to frequent cleaning, in order to reduce the accumulation of motorcycle dust, improve the use of the motorcycle efficiency.

4. Add oil

Motorcycle oil replacement should mainly consider the mileage, use frequency, refueling time and oil quality four aspects. The actual maintenance is based on mileage. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to change motorcycle oil per thousand kilometers according to the new running in period. If it is beyond the run-in period, even with ordinary minerals, the lubricant we add to the engine can be kept within 2,000 km.

Take CBF190X for example, the first mileage should still be 500km, after which the oil can be changed every 1000km until 3000km. When the vehicle out of the run-in period, can be based on the actual use of conditions and lubricating oil quality to make adjustments.

5. Don't rush to turn on the switch

When you are ready to ride a motorcycle every day, first of all, do not hurry to open the electric door of the motorcycle, first empty pedal for a few times, which can make the cylinder inhale more combustible mixture, and then put the key to the ignition position, and finally start the car. This is especially true in winter when the bike is starting.

6. The tyres

Motorcycle tires contact with various roads every day, which are consumable. They are often damaged by stone, glass and other factors, and their performance status directly affects the driver's handling and comfort of the vehicle. Therefore, checking the motorcycle tires before riding is conducive to improving the driving safety coefficient.