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Motorbike driving precautions
Release date:2020.12.24

Thousands of roads safety first, safe than anything better, in this small series for you to attach motorcycle driving precautions:

Tips for riding a motorcycle

1, the vehicle travel to physical examination, with the "disease" on the road is very dangerous

Carefully check whether the vehicle's control device, brake device, lighting signal device can work properly before the trip.


2. Taking medicine is harmful

Most of the side effects of cold medicine will lead to general fatigue, lethargy and other adverse reactions, should be avoided before taking.

3, careful driving to ensure safety, helmet protection to reduce disability


Motorcycle mobility is flexible but the stability is poor, in the accident when the disability rate, the fatality rate is extremely high, therefore, the motorcycle driver and rider should wear the appropriate helmet and other protective equipment according to the regulations.

4, overmanned overload harm, accident casualties are large

The motorcycle carries the content to aggravate the vehicle's instability, brings the hidden danger to the traffic safety.

5. Don't talk on the phone, watch the scenery or smoke while driving

6. It is illegal to drive after drinking. Do not drive after drinking

People in drinking will appear central nervous paralysis, vision decline, attention is not focused, weakened sense of balance and other conditions, and then lead to low motor function, slow operation and other problems, easy to cause vicious traffic accidents, resulting in the tragedy of car destruction and death.

7. Keep away from large vehicles and keep them away from the blind area

Motorcycle on the road should avoid large vehicles as much as possible.

8, speeding is too dangerous, it is safe to go your own way

9, special section should be careful, slow down to prevent accidents


10, bad weather line of sight, careful driving anti skid