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How long do I need to rest on an air-cooled motorcycle?
Release date:2020.12.24

Air - cooled engine is an engine with air as the cooling medium. It casts some heat sinks on the outer wall of the cylinder and cylinder head, and uses a cooling fan to blow air through the surface of the heat sinks at high speed, taking away the heat emitted by the engine and cooling the engine. Air-cooled engine is a kind of engine, which has the characteristics of simple structure and light weight. This engine is easy to maintain and use, strong adaptability to climate change, fast start, no need for radiator and other advantages, so it is widely used by motorcycles.


If you are running a long distance, in order to travel, the speed will be relatively high, because the motorcycle is air-cooled engine, the engine for a long time high speed operation will have the worry of overheating, if you do not pay attention to, the engine will be seriously injured, so riding a wind-cooled motorcycle after a period of time you need to take a rest.

Rest time, of course, also want to points in the winter and summer, small make up think summer if it is to keep moving at a constant speed of 60-80, maximum six hours need to rest, or even if you don't lack the oil will stick cylinder, there is even less than 6 hours, when you feel the power drop, noisy, also pulled out the wayside to rest.

If the speed is high, should stop once an hour, turn off the engine and stop for about five minutes, at the same time, people can also move, drink water, take a short rest, check the vehicle by the way.

If it's winter, it doesn't matter how you run, don't worry. In fact, if you are running a long distance, or water cooling more appropriate!