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Foreign friends ranked their TOP10 most desirable motorcycles in 2021
Release date:2020.12.24

1. Trident 660

7,195 pounds

660CC inline tripod

102 horsepower

189 kg (wet)

The Trident 660 comes with a brand new engine. In terms of suspension, it is equipped with Showa SFF 41mm upside-down front fork and Showa Monoshock preloaded with adjustable middle suspension. In addition, it is equipped with front double 310mm disc and Nissin double piston calipers, and ABS is provided at the front and rear to provide stable riding and braking force, which is a certain bonus in sports performance. Equipped with an electronic throttle to provide a choice of two riding modes, rain/road, as well as a switchable tracking control system; The TFT full-color meter is connected by My Connectivity System and bluetooth

Connect, can control music and call and other functions, in addition, can also connect with GoPro for operation.

2. Apulia RS660


659CC double cylinder

99 HP @ 10,500 RPM (claimed)

183 kg (wet)

Aprilia's new RS660 is a very cool looking performance imitation racecar that looks like a mini RSV4, and it has super-motorcycle-sized tires, suspension and brakes.

Weighing only 183kg, it is relatively easy to handle and the seat is friendly to shorter drivers. The CHASSIS of RS 660 finds a perfect balance between performance and comfort. The same as the previous Tuono 1100, its seats are very comfortable and the distance between the feet and seats is not so narrow. Ergonomic design greatly shortens the runin period between the rider and the vehicle. Power transmission is smooth, thanks to adjustable engine power and valves.

It also has two adjustable driving modes, more versatile, and the Aprilia RS660 is a great big displacement clone.

3. Monster, Ducati


937CC V-twin cylinder

110 HP @ 9,250 RPM

166 kg (dry)

Monster's iconic red steel frame and muscular body lines for 2021 disappeared with the change.

The new machine, simply called the Monster, replaces the existing 821 model with a new look, more technology and a panigalEV4-inspired aluminum front fork.

Starting at £10,295, the 937cc Euro 5 Standard V-twin engine has just under 110 engines and a seat height of 820mm (which can be reduced to 775mm).

With a dry weight of only 166kg, this could be the ideal large displacement model for a novice, while the Dukady's consistently manic system, coupled with a rich electronic system, can provide quite an exciting experience.

4. BMW S1000R


999CC inline four cylinder

165 horsepower @ 11,000 RPM

199 kg (dry)

The chassis is also based on the latest RR, which helps to reduce the overall weight by 6.5kg and has a slightly sharper steering geometry. The brakes and suspension are different from BMW's dynamic Damping control (DDC) semi-active suspension

RR, which also gets an impressive 6.5-inch color TFT dashboard.

The bike also comes with optional adaptive headlights that, when the car is tilted, will turn in the desired direction rather than shine in a straight line. There is also a higher spec, the S1000R Sport, with an upgraded electronics and DDC, which costs £14,000.

5. Yamaha MT-09&MT-09 SP

The unknown

889CC in-line three cylinder

117 horsepower @ 10,000 RPM

189 kg (wet)


Compared with the previous generation, the 2021 MT-09 is almost a complete overhaul. The engine, frame, suspension, etc., have undergone substantial evolution, and the appearance has changed the least.

In 2021, the MT-09 received a long-stroke version of the CP3, upgrading it to 889CC. This results in a small power and torque boost. The engine was mounted on a new frame and subframe, reducing its weight by 3.8kg, as well as getting new wheels, rocker arms and a new look. The R1 you'd expect brings all the glitter of autopilot and a six-axis IMU, as well as a new full-color TFT dashboard.

6. The BMW 1250 rt

15,820 pounds


136HP @ 7,750 RPM

279 kg (dry)

The latest RT comes with dynamic traction, "ECO" driving mode, steep hill start control, constant speed cruise, heated handles, "fully integrated ABS Pro" and a 10.25-inch colour TFT dashboard, which is standard on the £15,820 base model. Its bluetooth-connected display, with built-in navigation, is the first smart display on any motorcycle that can navigate satellite maps and route planning.

RT can also control your speed. Use dynamic cruise control and RT radar features to keep your distance from other vehicles. If you turn too hard, it will also pull your speed back.

7. Ducati Multistrada V

15495 pounds

1158CC V four cylinder

168 HP @ 10,500 RPM

215 kg (dry)

Ducati's 2021 Multistrada V4 is a brand new motorcycle, full of high technology. The biggest change was the departure of the 1262CC V twin engines, which were replaced by the lighter, shorter and more powerful V4.

Based on the Streetfighter and Panigale 1103CC engine, the diameter increased by 2mm, replacing 1158CC. Ducati's famous Desmo valve has been phased out in favor of the traditional valve spring.

The Multistrada V4 also became the first car to go into production using satellite positioning, navigation and cruise control technology (as an option for £1,950), and the Black Tech is a long way from the BMW 2021 R1250RT.

The Multistrada V4 is also available as an S (Skyhook suspension and Stylema brakes, £18,395) or as an S Sport, £19,995, with its own colour, carbon fibre fender and Scorpion exhaust.

8.Kawasaki Versys SE

£12,999 (SE14, £899)

1043CC parallel four cylinders

118 HP @ 9,000 RPM

257 kg (dry)

The VERSYS 1000 SE 2021 uses Showa Skyhook technology's electronic control suspension as the 2021 model, which will be released from mid-October 2020 in each country/region where the product is introduced.

The suspension is the first time Showa Skyhook technology has been used in a two-wheeled motorcycle, bringing driving performance and comfort to a higher level, which is the most interesting aspect of the 2021 model.

The Versis 1000 SE is a multi-functional adventure vehicle with a parallel 4-cylinder engine and unique vehicle configuration. The electronic control system of the IMU, with the addition of electronic control suspension, will further improve its comfort and performance.

9. The BMW R1250GS & R1250GSA

£13,705 (GSA14,985)

1254 cc boxer

134 HP @ 7,750 RPM

268 kg (dry)

Taking advantage of the 40th anniversary of the GS family, BMW is rolling out its most technologically advanced cars to date, with everything from heated seats to automatic wayfinding headlights.

There are a lot of new electronics this year, but the most important one is the new adaptive turning lights. On the new GS and GSA, the headlight reflector can rotate by 35 degrees, so when you turn around a corner, the headlight rotates and aims in the direction you want to go, rather than pointing straight ahead.

BMW has also raised the bar on safe electronics as standard. Both the GS and GSA will now be standard with dynamic traction control and ABS Pro, as well as steep slope start control (HSC). You can also add professional cycling mode to HSC Pro, which uses IMU to make cycling smoother.

10. Enfield Meteor 350 (Meteor 350)

3749 pounds

349 cc single cylinder

20 horsepower @ 6100 RPM

191 kg (dry)

Royal Enfield unveiled its new "Enfield Meteor 350", a small city-cruising retro vehicle driven by a brand new 349CC air - and oil-cooled single-cylinder engine. The look is similar to the 650CC parallel twin Royal Enfield launched a few years ago.

At 20.2 horsepower and 6,100 RPM, it comes with a five-speed transmission and a 15-liter gasoline tank. With a 19/17 "tubeless wheel, you should have more options than the 650 with an 18-inch tyre. The suspension structure is simpler and the two rear shock absorbers provide six pre-load adjustable modes. The main dashboard consists of a very retro and cool pseudo-mechanical instrument with a built-in LCD information panel. To the right is a small colored TFT that shows the motorcycle's location when linked to a smartphone running the Royal Enfield app.