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If the fuel consumption of electric jet motorcycle increases obviously, it is necessary to check the sensor
Release date:2020.12.23

A Chunlan CL125-6 electric jet motorcycle drove more than 40,000 kilometers, the owner came to the maintenance station to report that the original car's fuel consumption has been low, 100 kilometers of fuel consumption of about 2 liters, in recent months, the fuel consumption suddenly rose to about 3.2 ~ 3.5 liters. Maintenance workers checked fuel tank oil pump and oil pipeline system, no leakage phenomenon, the cause of the failure is unknown.

Cl125-6 electric jet motorcycle was produced by Chunlan Group in the late 1990s. Due to its technical limitations, the motorcycle was not equipped with oxygen sensors and dumping sensors.

Cl125-6 engine oil supply system is mainly composed of fuel oil supply system composed of fuel tank, electric gasoline pump, gasoline filter, gasoline pressure regulator, fuel injection nozzle and other parts.

DianPenChe is composed of ECU computer center according to the engine air intake temperature sensor, crankshaft phase sensor, engine temperature sensor and throttle position sensor, and vehicle load signal after the comprehensive and correct the fuel injection quantity, as long as there is more than the output signal has a exception, will affect the engine's fuel consumption.


Received a call for help, rushed to the outskirts of Nanjing repair station. In order to confirm the fault point, I rode on the electric spray truck to feel the actual condition of the vehicle and drove for about 5 kilometers. I felt that the acceleration performance and maximum speed were both normal and the engine temperature was not high.

It is possible that there is a problem with the engine temperature sensor, because if the temperature sensor is completely short-circuited or deviates from the calibration value, the cold thickening signal provided by it may persist, causing fuel consumption to exceed its standard set point.

Follow the procedure to get the fault code of the fuel system of the e-jet motorcycle, turn on the ignition switch, and the ECU indicator lights up. Start the engine and turn off the ECU indicator light after entering the running state.

Turn off the emergency flameout switch at this point to shut off the engine. Short connect the two terminals of the fault diagnosis interface under the motorcycle seat with a special wire for 5 seconds. At this point, the ECU indicator light will be on for 3 seconds and off for 3 seconds, and the stored fault information will be displayed.

The flashing frequency of THE ECU indicator is: 1 second long and 5 seconds short. According to the fault table with flashing ECU working indicator, the fault code is no. 15. The fault content is engine temperature is too low (open circuit).

According to the engine temperature sensor resistance temperature characteristic, when the temperature sensor in determining the calibrating temperature of 80 ℃ Ω resistance was 0.32 + / - 0.1 K.

Remove the engine temperature sensors, heating in the water, when the water temperature rise to 80 ℃, measuring its resistance value is 23 K Ω, show that the damage of engine temperature sensor has failed.

It turned out that the signal from the engine temperature sensor was abnormal, which interfered with the control of the ECU electronic fuel injection system, resulting in the failure of high fuel consumption of the motorcycle.

Replace the new temperature sensor as shown in the figure above, reassemble the disassembled parts and give them to the user for use. More than half a month later, the user reported that the motorcycle fuel consumption has returned to normal.