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Riding an electric jet motorcycle in winter has obvious advantages, but there are a few precautions!
Release date:2020.12.23

Although the north is mostly closed in winter, but for the south, many office workers still need to travel by motorcycle, especially this year is a warm winter, so, so there are more friends riding motorcycles. A lot of friends reflect, after the fourth electric jet motorcycle, no longer need to pull the throttle, very convenient, start very easy, and fuel consumption is not high. However, in winter, there are still a few places to pay attention to, or it will give you trouble.

1, must wait for the self-test light to turn off before starting;

Some owners hasty, turn on the power on the start of the vehicle, so on the electronic spray vehicle is adverse. Some cars won't start at all until the self-test lights are off, such as those using the Marilli ELECTRONIC Spray system. Although some cars can start, but because the power just opened, the pressure of the oil pump is not very strong, easy to lead to poor atomization of the engine nozzle, resulting in carbon deposition. In addition, only when the self-test light is off, can it be shown that the eJECTION system is normal and the engine can be guaranteed to work normally after starting.

2, the winter bike had better heat a get off;

Because the oil flow is poor in winter, hot car is good for the engine, and, some electric spray car in no hot car ride, add can not pay for the phenomenon of oil, this may be the machine temperature sensor or intake temperature sensor data is not stable, and so on hot car, such a phenomenon is basically not.


3. Poor battery activity in winter;

Winter battery activity is poor, some users in order to facilitate, the nearest in some roadside stores charging, understand the electronic spray common sense is good, do not understand maintenance workers, directly unlock the battery, which is easy to lead to the failure of the electronic spray system, so, don't forget to turn off the key in the winter, the battery lost power, or to professional maintenance station processing.

4, winter car wash to pay attention to;

Low temperature in winter, if often wash the car need to be aware, if the water is not easy to volatilize, if in the evening at low temperature, icing phenomenon, even for DianPenChe is very bad, because the efi motorcycle components is more, the inside of the line socket is also a lot of, although already did waterproof processing, but if always using high pressure flushing, does not necessarily not into the water. If the water vapor does not volatilize clean, easy to make the electronic injection system out of order.